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IFSA-Butler Statement on Egypt Rioting

Friday, February 4, 2012

IFSA-Butler is closely monitoring events of the past few days in Egypt. Our program at Alexandria University has started, and the students are staying busy with classes and studying. Because it is Friday, there were no classes today. Our resident director in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed El-Komi, and his staff spent the day with the students and enjoyed a relaxing day along the Mediterranean. IFSA-Butler currently has no students in Cairo.

According to our Dr. El-Komi, the students have been in frequent touch with family and friends through Facebook and other means. During our recent on-site orientation, our Egypt staff reviewed all safety procedures with IFSA-Butler students. All students have Egyptian cell phones that are programmed with all IFSA-Butler staff and faculty members' phone numbers. Students know not to approach any protest areas, to dress conservatively and not take photos of anything that is potentially illegal (police, military, etc). In addition, our Student Services Coordinator lives in one of the male student apartments and is close to all students should they need his assistance.

Students on the IFSA-Butler Alexandria program live in an upscale neighborhood about a mile from where the protesters traditionally gather, and the university is well away from the protest area as well.

Our staff on the ground reports that while there was a small protest in Alexandria today, the main protest centers following the soccer tragedy have been in Port Said, the city of Suez and in Cairo. Port Said and the city of Suez are three hours northeast of Cairo, and Alexandria is three hours west of Cairo. The focus of Cairo-based protests, including those most frequently discussed in the media, has been outside the Interior Ministry building in Cairo.

IFSA-Butler will continue to update students, parents and study abroad advisors about this situation as necessary.



Travel Blog Names Yucatán One of Mexico's Safest Destinations

A travel blog has named the state of Yucatán, Mexico, as the second safest destination in Mexico. Yucatán is renowned for its friendly people, beautiful beaches, and thousands of archaeological sites, and it's the home of our semester and summer Mexico programs.

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IFSA-Butler Monitoring Egypt Violence

Monday, November 21, 2011
IFSA-Butler is continuing to monitor the anti-government violence in Egypt that erupted over the weekend. Our resident director in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed El-Komi, reports that the protests and demonstrations are taking place in specific, predetermined areas. He also reports that areas without demonstrations are calm, with people going about their usual daily business.

Though some violent protests have taken place in Alexandria, IFSA-Butler students in Alexandria were able to attend classes on Sunday and Monday without problems. Our students also were able to travel to the day care center where they volunteer each week. The students received updated security information from Mohammed, including avoiding demonstrations and areas where protests are planned to take place. The area of protests in Alexandria is in a different part of the city from where our students live and attend university.

The majority of the violence in Egypt has taken place in Cairo. We currently have no students in Cairo, as we chose not to run our Cairo programs this fall semester due to civil unrest and university closings. However, we have no plans at this time to alter, postpone or cancel the spring 2012 program at the University of Alexandria.

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IFSA-Butler Egypt Students Unaffected by Cairo Violence

IFSA-Butler is monitoring the situation in Egypt, where anti-government protests in Cairo have resulted in one death and many injuries. IFSA-Butler's fall semester students are all studying in Alexandria and therefore are not close to the events in Cairo.

We currently have no students in Cairo, as we chose not to run our Cairo programs this fall semester due to civil unrest and university closings.

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New Marches in Chile Are Large but Peaceful


High school and university students throughout Chile were once again marching in the streets on Thursday. Chilean students have staged occasional protests and university strikes since July to protest education cutbacks and other issues.

The march on Thursday was among the largest the nation has seen so far, but the event was peaceful and did not disrupt our students' schedules. Both of our resident directors in Chile reoprted that students were able to attend classes as normal.

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Santiago Times article

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