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Unrest in Egypt Following Supreme Court Rulings

IFSA-Butler is monitoring events in Egypt after several rulings today triggered protests and demonstrations.

Egypt's Supreme Court ruled that last year's elected parliament was unconstitutional and stated that one third of the seats in parliament were invalid. There are also rumors that the military will be granted power over the country for legislative purposes. In addition, the court ruled that former President Mubarek's prime minister will be allowed to run in a presidential runoff election.

These rulings and the rumor about miliary rule have caused some unrest in the country. IFSA-Butler spring students have already returned home, and our fall program does not begin until September. We will continue to keep our audiences updated on this situation as necessary.

Students Safe in Chile Following Earthquake

IFSA-Butler has confirmed that all students in Chile are fine following a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. The quake hit 26 miles north of Valparaíso just after midnight on Tuesday. No damage was reported in Santiago or Valparaíso.

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Earthquake in Santiago, Chile

A 6.0 earthquake shook Chile, on Sunday, March 25. All IFSA-Butler students, host families and staff in both Santiago and Valparaíso are accounted for and fine. There was no significant damage related to the aftershock.

Mexico Program Unaffected by Earthquake

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake has hit Mexico City and areas to the south of the city. Our program location in Mérida is several hours southeast of Mexico City and was unaffected by the quake.

Map of Mexico

Protests in Chile

Friday, March 16, 2012

IFSA-Butler staff in Chile and the U.S. are monitoring high school and university student protests in Santiago. The protesters are accusing the Chilean government of failing to meet student demands from protests in 2011, and they say many of the student movement's leaders were not allowed to register for classes this semester due to their participation in previous protests.

Because the march was not authorized by the government, there was police presence which resulted in clashes between students and police. News outlets are reporting that over 50 protesters were arrested.

The IFSA-Butler resident director in Santiago, Isabel Yevenes, notified students on Wednesday to stay out of downtown Santiago on Thursday. University classes were not disrupted on Thursday, and all IFSA-Butler students followed their normal academic schedule. Isabel has accounted for all IFSA-Butler students, and will continue to notify them of any new planned protest activities so that our students can avoid demonstration areas.

Any pertinent updates will be posted on our website. For more information, please see the following news outlets:

Santiago Times


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