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IFSA-Butler Statement on Egypt Protests

Monday, November 26, 3:15 p.m. EST
IFSA-Butler is continuing to advise Alexandria students to remain in their apartments in anticipation of protests on Tuesday. However, the Muslim Brotherhood has cancelled Tuesday's march to Cairo University in order to avoid conflict with non-Morsi supporters.  

Monday, November 26, 12 p.m. EST
IFSA-Butler is closely monitoring the recent escalation of protests in Egypt over Egyptian President Morsi's November 22 decision to grant himself new powers over the judicial branch of government. Large scale protests in several Egyptian cities, including Cairo and Alexandria, are calling for Morsi to reverse his decision.

There are renewed efforts to mediate the unrest in the wake of a 10 percent drop in the Egyptian stock market on Sunday. Judges around Egypt are threatening to strike. In Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for a million man march to Cairo University for Tuesday, November 27, in one of many planned protests around the nation. IFSA-Butler currently has no students in Cairo.

In Alexandria, the TAFL center of Alexandria University has cancelled classes for Tuesday, November 27, in anticipation of large protests. IFSA-Butler has told Alexandria students to remain in their apartments on Tuesday until the crowds disperse. Our resident director in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed El-Komi, will join our staff in Alexandria on Tuesday to provide support and instruction and to keep students updated on events.

IFSA-Butler will continue to update students, parents and advisors as this situation changes. In the meantime, we recommend the following news resources:

BBC World News
Guardian newspaper
Al Jazeera
The New York TImes

Current Events in the Middle East

November 18, 2012

Sirens were sounded in Jerusalem today after a rocket fell in the Etzion Bloc area, which is approximately 25 kilometers south of Jerusalem. However, no rockets fell in Jerusalem itself or in the surrounding areas.

IFSA-Butler students went to designated shelters when the sirens sounded. Our student services coordinator in Israel, Mariette Thomas, has verified that the students are safe.

IFSA-Butler will continue to monitor this situation, as well as the cease-fire attempts and diplomatic interventions. We will update our audiences as appropriate.


November 17, 2012

Despite continuing tensions in Israel, IFSA-Butler students in Jerusalem are safe and attending classes as normal. Our students are aware of all the designated shelters in their housing and around the Hebrew University campus, and our student services coordinator in Jerusalem is in regular contact with our participants to answer questions and to reinforce safety precautions. Officials at Hebrew University are also sending regular emails and texts to all students as well.

IFSA-Butler has sent students in Israel the following safety reminders:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, and take note of all nearby shelters wherever you are.
  • In the event that you need to use a shelter, stay in the protected space for at least 10 minutes.
  • Carry your cell phone and IFSA-Butler emergency contact card at all times.
  • Keep updated with the news regularly.

IFSA-Butler will continue to update students, parents and advisors on this situtation as necessary.


November 16, 2012

IFSA-Butler continues to monitor the escalating tensions between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the State of Israel. We are receiving daily reports from IFSA-Butler staff on the ground there. While the security alert is high in all of Israel, clashes between Hamas and Israel have mostly been limited to southern Israel and Gaza. IFSA-Butler students in Jerusalem, Israel have been notified with instructions and safety precautions.

On November 15, a rocket landed in Jerusalem north of the Knesset which is on the other side of Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus and the Hebrew University campus. There was no damage. Hebrew University initiated its safety measures yesterday as a precaution.

Our partner university in Jerusalem, Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School, is well prepared for crises and has solid plans in place for the safety of its students, faculty and staff community. 

Students on the IFSA-Butler program in Jerusalem were already prohibited from traveling to Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. Students have now, in addition to those prohibitions, been advised to avoid travel to southern Israel.

IFSA-Butler and our staff in the Middle East are implementing our crisis response instructions for students to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken.

We recommend the following sites for current news and summaries of events:

Al Jazeera (English)


Israel National News

Haaretz (Israel news)

Egypt Daily News


November 15, 2012

IFSA-Butler is monitoring the current events in the Middle East and receiving daily reports from our staff on the ground there. While the security alert is high in all of Israel, the violence is currently isolated in the area of the country near Gaza. There is no indication that the IFSA-Butler students in Jerusalem, Egypt or Sharjah are in any danger.

As a precaution, students have been advised to stay close to their campuses and avoid any travel within the Gaza Strip perimeters. Activity is expected to continue during the next few days in the Gaza area.

IFSA-Butler and our staff in the Middle East are making sure that all our students are alert, and all necessary precautions are taken to make sure they are safe.

Heavy Rains Hit Buenos Aires

October 30, 2012

Strong rains and heavy winds hit Buenos Aires yesterday, causing flooding throughout the area. Most of the flooding happened outside of the city in the Buenos Aires province, but one neighborhood where IFSA-Butler students live, Belgrano, experienced flash flooding in the streets. Several subway and bus lines were shut down and electricity was intermittent throughout the day.

Our IFSA-Butler resident director has confirmed that all Buenos Aires students are accounted for and doing well. IFSA-Butler will continue to monitor this situation and post any updates.

For more information, please see the following media outlets:

Buenos Aires Herald

Washington Post

El Clarín (in Spanish)

IFSA-Butler Statement on Hurricane Sandy

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is predicting that Hurricane Sandy will make landfall on the East Coast on the night of October 29 and may cause heavy rain and winds from 75 to 110 mph. We are issuing the following communications suggestions for our students and parents:

For students on an IFSA-Butler program: If you are from the north east and/or east coast area (down to the Carolinas), we suggest that you get in touch with your immediate family members in the U.S. Ask for their plans and alternate contact information in case their phone service is disrupted. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact your IFSA-Butler resident director.

For parents and families: If you are in the affected region, we suggest that you contact your student abroad and let them know your plans for alternative housing, temporary phone numbers, etc. If you need help contacting your student, please call IFSA-Butler at 800-858-0229 and ask for an assistant director.

Please see the following resources for more information:

The New York Times 

National Hurricane Center

6.6 Earthquake in Costa Rica

October 24, 2012

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica on Tuesday evening. The location of the earthquake was 85 miles west of Heredia, which is a similar epicenter to the earthquake that the country experienced on September 5. No damages have been reported and there is no threat of a tsunami.

The IFSA-Butler Costa Rica resident director, Teresita Camacho, confirmed that all students are accounted for and fine. Please see the following websites for more information:

The Tico Times
U.S. Geological Society
Yahoo News

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