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IFSA-Butler Statement to Israel Students

Friday, August 30, 2013

IFSA-Butler is closely monitoring the potential U.S. strike on Syria. According to our security intelligence provider, Max Security Solutions, the Israeli Defense Forces deployed the country's Iron Dome missile defense battery to the northern portion of Israel. The three missile defense systems are meant to intercept short- and medium-range rockets that could be fired from Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Assad regime in Syria. Additional deployments and preparations are likely over the coming days, which are meant to both deter and prevent the Assad regime or its allies from launching successful attacks into Israeli territory. The Iron Dome missile defense system is highly accurate.

According to many sources, attacking Jerusalem at this time is unlikely, so university courses and orientation activities are proceeding as planned. IFSA-Butler will continue to closely review the situation, consulting with our security intelligence provider, governmental resources and our partners in Israel.

IFSA-Butler students who just arrived in Jerusalem to start their semester at Hebrew University have been attending lengthy sessions on safety and security, which include instructions on how to respond in the event of a missile strike. All buildings on Hebrew University's campus have safe rooms, as does each student apartment in the Student Village complex. Students were provided cell phones upon arrival, which they can use to contact the IFSA-Butler student services coordinator and Hebrew University staff at any time. Cell phones should remain turned on at all times.

IFSA-Butler and Hebrew University have trained staff and established emergency plans in place should an emergency arise in Israel. Students were provided with an 24/7 emergency telephone number which they can use to contact our staff in Israel. We will be closely monitoring this situation over the holiday weekend, and we will provide you with any necessary updates. Should you have any questions or concerns over the weekend, please feel free to email Assistant Director for Safety and Security, Eryn Espín-Kudzinski.

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