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Tropical Cyclone Ita in Queensland

Friday, April 11

As expected, Ita hit Northern Queensland on Friday evening. The storm was strong and caused property damage and flooding throughout the affected area, including the city of Cairns. All IFSA-Butler students at James Cook University Cairns were traveling in other areas of Australia during the storm and were not planning to return to the city until later in April.

IFSA-Butler students in other Australia cities were planning to travel to Cairns during university breaks over the coming weeks. IFSA-Butler has advised these students not to travel to Cairns until Queensland authorities declare that it is safe to do so.

Thursday, April 10

Tropical Cyclone Ita is expected to hit the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland late on Friday. Ita's path includes the city of Cairns, home to IFSA-Butler's program at James Cook University. The storm could include damaging winds and flash flooding.

Most of our students in Cairns will be in Melbourne for an IFSA-Butler program excursion, but IFSA-Butler staff in Australia will ensure that any students not on the excursion are safe and accounted for. In addition, James Cook University will reinforce safety precautions and appropriate shelter during the storm. The university keeps food, water and safety supplies on hand in shelter areas for weather events such as these.

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