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Security Update in Egypt

Early this morning, a car bomb exploded near a state security building and courthouse in a northern Cairo suburb, injuring 29 people. News reports indicate that the attack was carried out by Islamic State-affiliated militants.

Please note that IFSA-Butler students have not yet arrived for the fall semester and will not be visiting or traveling in this area. Additionally, after arriving in Cairo, students will be staying the night in a hotel near the airport before visiting the Pyramids the next day and heading to Alexandria.

Alexandria remains calm at this time, with a heightened security presence. During the program orientation, IFSA-Butler staff will talk extensively about safety and security in Egypt, how to remain safe while a student on the program and how to access emergency services. IFSA-Butler staff are on call and available to the students in Alexandria, and our Egypt resident director, Dr. Mohamed El-Komi, will be picking the students up at the airport and accompanying them to Alexandria for orientation and move-in.

For more information about the incident this morning, please see the following news stories:

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