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Flooding in Lancaster

Update: December 11, 2015

Full power was restored to campus on December 9. Areas in the region around Lancaster are still experiencing the effects of Storm Desmond. The City Center in Lancaster is gradually returning to normal, and graduation ceremonies took place this week.    

Students were informed that they could return to campus accommodation if they wished, though many chose to stay on campus throughout the power outage. Classes remain cancelled and departments at Lancaster are in the process of communicating revised assessment arrangements directly to students. This should be completed by December 14.  

IFSA-Butler staff in England and our Academic Affairs department in the U.S. will continue to stay in communication with students to make sure they are safe and aware of any academic obligations as they finish up their time abroad. Students can contact our resident staff at any time if they have any questions or need assistance.  

If you should have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-858-0229. Academic questions should be directed to Rhonda Hinkle, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs.

December 7, 2015

IFSA-Butler is monitoring a developing situation for students finishing their term at Lancaster University. There has been severe flooding in and around Lancaster over the weekend. All IFSA-Butler students are safe and accounted for. IFSA-Butler staff members in England have been in touch with each student individually.  

However, the flooding has submerged an electricity substation and has left many homes without power. The university was without power for most of the weekend. Over the weekend, Lancaster University made the decision to close the school and cancel all classes this week following problems with electricity and running water. Power was restored on campus on Monday, December 7 from emergency generators and students are being well looked after.  

Lancaster University will communicate more formally with students and IFSA-Butler directly regarding end of term assessments as they work to return to normal operations. IFSA-Butler staff in England will continue to stay in communication with students to make sure they are safe and comfortable.    

More information on this incident can be found here:

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