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Living & Studying Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

About Dublin

1.5 million
In the East, near the coast of the Irish Sea
City features
• Ireland’s largest city and its capital
• An economic center with one of the fastest growing populations of any European capital city
• Friendly and down to earth
• A vibrant cultural scene with music of all kinds, theatre, art and literary activities
• Restaurants, pubs and clubs make it a weekend destination for the under-30 crowd from across Europe
• The modern Temple Bar area, with a history dating to 300 BC, is popular for its galleries, pubs, restaurants and shops

Do more!
• Use Dublin as your starting point for traveling the country on trains and buses that run from Dublin to all major cities in Ireland
• Take a ferry to Wales and the Isle of Man
• Take advantage of student fares on flights from Dublin International Airport

Time Out: Dublin
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City of Dublin
The Irish Times


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