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Living & Studying Abroad in Mendoza

About Mendoza, Argentina

1 million
Western Argentina, two hours by plane from Buenos Aires
City features
• Located in the heart of Argentina’s wine country
• A beautiful, green city with a bustling downtown and tranquil, well-kept neighborhoods
• Offers a lively atmosphere with great dining and entertainment scenes
• Access to museums, theatres, outdoor markets and nightclubs
• An excellent bus system
• A great destination for lovers of the outdoors
• Picture-perfect surroundings thanks to its location at the foot of the Andes Mountains

Do more!
• Take advantage of the great skiing in the Andes
• Go mountain climbing, mountain biking on nearby Mount Aconcagua
• Enjoy opportunities for rafting and hiking at parks and nature reserves nearby
• Travel to Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile

Argentina Tourism
Paginás Mendocinas: Mendoza
Gobierno de Mendoza


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