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IFSA-Butler Instructor’s Research Gains Worldwide Acclaim

An archaeologist who works closely with IFSA-Butler students in Mexico is gaining worldwide attention for his research and discoveries in the Yucatán. Professor Giullermo de Anda (pictured with students at left) has been featured in National Geographic and numerous Mexican media outlets following his discovery of Mayan temples and pyramids in the in the village of Tahtzibichen. Among the items found were a 1,900-year-old vessel and earthenware and sculptures dated to A.D. 750 to 850.

De Anda is an assistant professor at the College of Anthropological Sciences at Universidad Autonóma de Yucatán (UADY) in Mérida. He is also the Chair of the Underwater Archaeology department and has been involved with IFSA-Butler's semester and summer programs in Mexico since 2005. De Anda gives demonstrations on underwater archaeology research during each IFSA-Butler Mexico orientation. He also leads semester and summer students in the four-day inframundo excursion, where students are exposed to some unknown archaeological sites and learn about the cultural and symbolic relationship with water and the caverns of the "underworld" inframundo within the Mayan cosmovision. IFSA-Butler students have the privilege of taking the courses that de Anda teaches as part of the archaeology curricula at UADY, and our summer students take advantage of his expertise in an introductory program course in underwater archaeology.

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