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Ode to St. Paul’s: A Virtual Walking Tour

Time February 4th, 2015 in College Study Abroad, England | No Comments by

I promised when I began this blog to put photos and videos. As any of my few readers know, I have been seriously lacking in any visual material, so prepare for a sensory overload. Below, I have put some of my favorite photos that I have taken over the past month with some small commentary. Please, enjoy:

St. Paul's w/boats Every day begins with a view of St. Paul’s as I walk across the bridge to the Strand campus. I am absolutely drawn to this building, not only for it’s iconic dome, but also for the sheer beauty. (As for why this picture is so large compared to the others, I have no idea.) Read More »


That One Thing

Time January 27th, 2015 in College Study Abroad, England | No Comments by

Having been in London for a little less than a month, I have come to one very clear conclusion: I very much love this city. I have lived and been to a number of urban spaces before, and this one really takes the cake. I don’t know whether it is the independence or the age, but somehow, I am constantly delighted by the sheer fact that I am here in London, England, the United Kingdom. Sometimes, I literally want to whoop and holler as I am walking across the bridge to the Strand campus because I am just so happy. This is it. I’ve made it. Go me.

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Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Good-bye

Time January 5th, 2015 in College Study Abroad, England | No Comments by

Rather than dispelling the number of socks or sweaters I intend to bring, I am instead choosing to use this post as a forum to air all of the grievances and anxieties I have about this upcoming trip. I am absolutely livid, positively pissed that I ever thought this was a good idea. Me? A twenty-year-old sophomore, who can barely remember to make her bed in the morning, is going to England for nearly six whole months? There is a joke in that situation waiting to be made.

True, this is something I have always wanted. In fact, I think this is the one dream in my life I have actually accomplished. But instead of being the boon I have earned after years, nay decades of wanting and working for, I have instead begun to see this as very much my own white whale. This trip could make or break me and I have become very certain at the moment that it will do the latter.

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