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Is it really here?!

As I look at my half-packed suitcase, I cannot believe this day has finally come!  The past months have been so hectic with filling out forms, finalizing details, studying up on British life, and saying goodbyes – er, “I’ll see you later”s.  I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to even be excited.  But now that my departure is less than 48 hours away, I am beaming with excitement.  AM I REALLY DOING THIS?!

I’ve been dreaming of studying abroad in England for as long as I can remember, and now that it’s finally here, I cannot wait for the exciting adventures to come.  I’ve been blessed to have traveled to Japan, Australia, Italy, France, and Spain, but the UK is completely new territory for me.  I’ve lived on my own at college, but I was always just a short 40 minute drive from home when I became homesick or needed anything.  This is definitely going to be a change!  But I’m ready as I’ll ever be, and it’s time to take off.  With that said, get ready because YOU’RE COMING TOO!  Through this blog, I’ll be tracking my every move with stories, pictures, videos, you name it!  I’ll share my triumphs, my epic fails (be prepared, there will be many of them!), insights, and everything I learn with each new experience!   I’ll try my best to keep them short (we’ll see…) and interesting so I don’t bore you with details while sharing the most important things I see and learn!  Feel free to share any stories of your own or ask any questions – I’ll hunt down the answers while I’m here!  Your thoughts are my thoughts, so shoot them my way!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the United Kingdom from the comfort of your own couch – I’ll do the walking!

And just a few things I have to note before I go:

1.  I have wayyy too much stuff – how am I ever going to fit it all?!
2.  What did I get myself into? – I know I’m going to love it there, but how long will it take me to get adjusted?
3.  I am so incredibly excited to travel and meet as many people as possible!

4.  The British education system is much different than that of the U.S.  Am I going to be able to put aside my procrastinator ways and keep up?
5.  How homesick am I going to get?
6.  I’m going to get so lost.  It’s just going to happen.  I’m already waiting for the day I take a train (aka the tube) for hours in the wrong direction.  BRING IT.

7.  I am so SCARED!
8.  What will my accent sound like to them?

9.  The U.K. is on military time.  I’m already late everywhere I go, so this should be interesting!
10.  I’m going to miss everyone so much and have been so sad to leave, but now I can finally say that I cannot wait for this.  So, so, so, incredibly anxious – but in a good way!

1.  See at least one celebrity (British or American!) in the flesh.

2.  Try as much British food as possible (Fish and chips and biscuits with clotted cream, anyone?)
3.  Find out if Brits like peanut butter (random, but no Europeans that I met have liked it!)
4.  Learn as much as I can about British culture, politics, and daily living.

5.  SHOP SHOP SHOP! (Hello, Herods!)

6.  Have the most legitimate afternoon tea of all time (Why else would you go to England?).
7.  Not get too stressed about the little things.
8.  Laugh...Laugh a lot.
9.  Dance in the rain down a London street with an umbrella in hand like Mary Poppins and the Morton Salt girl.
10.  Become obsessed with a British band (other than One Direction <3).

11.  See platform 9 3/4 and everything else Harry Potter possible!
12.  Speak in a British accent and make a fool of myself (Ello, chap!).
13.  Pick up on British fashion…or at least fake it to my best ability!
14.  Actually write post cards like I say I will (I’ll do my best, promise!)

15.  Have as many conversations with total strangers as possible.

16.  Find out what real football is all about by attending as many matches as I can.

17.  Pretend I’m characters from every British movie I love (The Holiday, Pride and Prejudice, What a Girl Wants)

18.  Be a tourist for a moment (you just have to take those double-decker buses!)
19.  Become friends with a palace guard…but really.

20.  Come back with an accent (DUH).

Until then, back to packing I go, but stay tuned!

…London calling!


6 Responses to “Is it really here?!”

  1. Lisa Brown Says:

    Go Renae! I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures. :)

  2. Renae Renae Says:

    Ahh you are too sweet! Can’t wait to share them :-)

  3. Dawn VanderNeut Says:

    Maryann said to go see a group called “alabama 3” and that your first day trip should be to Brighton. :-) I was going to tell you to check out “The X Factor UK” tour….or some of their past contestants: Olly Murs, Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd…and many others whose names escape me. I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  4. Katarina Says:

    Renae I am so so excited for you!!! You will rock England :)

  5. Dad Says:

    I’m so proud of you Renae! I know you will have a wonderful experience!
    Stay away from Prince Harry please. :)
    Love you always!

  6. gee Says:

    Please write another post! :)

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