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Chilean Universities Program, Valparaíso Volunteer Opportunities


Minimum GPA:
Length of opportunity:
Program advisor:
3.0 (4.0 scale)
One or two semesters
Jennifer McKibben

Volunteer opportunities are available in conjunction with the Chilean Universities Program, Valparaíso. Possible host organizations and activities include:
• MINEDUC (Ministerio de Educación - El Inglés Abre Puertas): Students serve as classroom assistants to
elementary and high school English teachers.
• Un Techo Para Chile: Volunteers build houses, take care of public places and conduct educational workshops such as English and reading in impoverished areas of town.
• Hogar De Cristo: Visit homeless people regularly to bring them food and clothing. Each outing is monitored and led by a group leader.
• INJUV (Instituto Nacional de la Juventud): Provide motivation and help with schoolwork to encourage
students to stay in school. Volunteers do workshops on computing, languages, sports, dance and more.
• PAEC (Protección Animal, Ecologista y Cultural): Provide assistance to stray dogs at the institution by feeding, cleaning, bathing, giving shots, etc.
• CODEFF Environmental Protection Agency: Protection of biodiversity, endangered species, forestry certification, etc.
• PIB (Programa de Intervención Breve): Volunteers do workshops on dance and theatre, and tell stories to
children and teenagers at risk.
• Teletón: Volunteers promote the integration and social inclusion of people with disabilities and participate in community actions with families and social organizations.

For more information about volunteering during your semester or year on the Chilean Universities Program, Valparaíso, contact your IFSA-Butler program advisor.
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