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Egypt University Study Abroad Programs

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In the post-9/11 world there is an urgent need to better understand the culture, language and politics of the Middle East. IFSA-Butler's new Egypt University Programs are helping students become part of solution to greater peace and understanding. Located at four renowned universities in Cairo and Alexandria, the programs give students a solid, intensive academic structure, valuable cultural experiences and language instruction.

Our Egypt University Programs allow students to focus on the academic concentration of their choice: Arabic language; politics and/or economics, Middle Eastern music; or Egyptology and Arabic literature. Each concentration features a curriculum of core courses, study of the two key languages in Egypt, and optional electives, independent study or university courses taught in English alongside Egyptian students.

IFSA-Butler's Egypt University Programs offer instruction in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Egyptian. Both languages are part of the core curriculum and are integral to everyday life in Egypt. MSA is the formal, literary version of Arabic. It is recognized in written form across the Middle East, but spoken MSA is heard only in extremely formal communications. Colloquial Egyptian is the conversational language of Egypt and is typically used on television and in the movies.

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