For Alumni: Resources to Keep in Touch

Alumni Scholarships

The IFSA-Butler alumni team is committed to providing our students with opportunities to stay connected to their study abroad experiences. Our alumni scholarships can help you explore your time abroad, learn more about the study abroad field, and go abroad again.

Want to Go Abroad Again?

IFSA-Butler offers a $500 scholarship to repeat students who choose to study on our programs a second (or third!) time to help you get there faster! The scholarship does not apply to IFSA-Butler semester students who choose to extend to a year-long program, as a discount is already included in our full-year program fees.

The Mike Owens Award

To honor the memory of our colleague, Mike Owens, IFSA-Butler created a scholarship program, launched in 2012, that allows a Global Ambassador to travel to, and attend, the Annual NAFSA Conference. NAFSA is an association of international educators, and its annual conference draws in thousands of professionals in the field from around the world. For more information on the conference, visit the NAFSA website.

Reentry Conference Scholarship

Many universities, states, and regions offer reentry conferences for students who have returned from abroad to more fully explore their experiences. Interested in going? IFSA can help you cover your registration fee, and we offer small travel stipends to help you get there. Ask your study abroad office about the closest reentry conference, or check out this comprehensive list of established reentry conferences.


To apply for any of these scholarships, email us at

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