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International Opportunities

Thinking about returning abroad for work, study or volunteering? The links below can help you plan your next great adventure.

Alumni in Action

Visit our Alumni in Action page, which tells about our alumni who are continuing their experiences abroad.


    This database allows prospective students to see what their peers think of specific programs. Read reviews from past students about topics regarding academics, safety, housing, cultural components and more.
    Use this resource to research different types of programs abroad: study, volunteer, teach English, intern or look to pursue a degree. It allows you to use the expertise of a GoAbroad staff member who can give you suggestions on a number of programs based on a questionnaire.
  • allows students to view different study abroad programs by country, city, subject or program type.
  • Transitions Abroad
    Gain knowledge of different organizations that provide international experience through working, studying, living or volunteering abroad.

Use this site to search for jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities all over the world.
Information about scholarships for graduate programs.

Volunteer Abroad

    This program allows people to participate in hands-on learning by volunteering at an organic farm. Participants choose a country and then find a farm that interests them. There is no money exchange for the labor; however, the compensation is room and board.
  • Peace Corps
    This renowned volunteer program arranges commitments in which volunteers learn and work with a community overseas for 27 months, providing technical assistance in six program areas: education, youth and community development; health; business and information;communications technology; agriculture; and the environment. This program is available in 76 countries around the world.
    Volunteer in a Cambodian school, on a community development, health care or education project in Lima, Peru; or in a local school, on an environmental project or in a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    Short Term: Global Village Volunteer—2 week programs in which the participant goes to a designated site to work on house construction, renovations or disaster relief.
    Long Term: International Volunteer Program—This program averages six- twelve months with the location being job specific. Volunteer placements can range from architecture to project management to grant writing to coordinating volunteers.
  • Earthwatch
    Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and actions necessary for a sustainable environment. Trips average 9-12 days with topics of research such as climate change, ocean health, threatened animals and human/wildlife conflict.
  • Global Vision International
    Volunteer anywhere from two weeks to more than six months. Projects are available for any interest: wildlife conservation, teaching English, construction, working with children, marine conservation or climate change, just to name a few.

Teach Abroad

  • Jet- Japan
    The Jet Programme allows students who are interested in the Japanese culture to deepen their understanding of the country while promoting intercultural relations through teaching English or working with government agencies on international relations. Students must have a college degree.
  • Masa-Israel
    For students of the Jewish faith who wish to spend a semester or year teaching English to school children. There are over 150 different types of programs available.
  • EPIK-Korea
    Affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education, science and technology participants work with Korean students and teachers to improve English language skills.
  • Greenheart Travel
    A division of Center for Cultural Interchange, Greenheart Travel offers participants a chance to teach English in South Korea, Georgia, China and Thailand.
  • LanguageCorps
    LanguageCorps offers teaching programs in 17 countries. Each location includes a four-week intensive TESOL certification. Participants can then look at other services they want to include in their time abroad, such as accommodation, extra cultural learning and guaranteed job placement.
  • UC Irvine Extensions: TEFL Certification
    UC Irvine offers a course that gives TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. The staff also help participants find placement for a job overseas.
  • i-to-i Teach Abroad TEFL Certificate
    i to i offers TEFL certification through a classroom or online course. They offer a placement service to find jobs overseas in Georgia, Ecuador, Czech Republic and a few locations in Asia.
  • World Teach
    Started by Harvard students in 1986, this NGO allows participants to teach in Asia, Africa or Latin America for a semester or year. World Teach offers a TEFL certification program and does not require prior teaching experience. This program will help develop key skills, including teaching, language, cross-cultural communication and leadership.

Work Abroad

    Work abroad in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand for up to 12 months. BUNAC will help you with visas and searching for a job. Students must be enrolled at a university.
  • NAFSA Career Center
    NAFSA is the Association of International Educators. Use this resource to search for jobs related to the field of International Education. Universities and third party providers post job vacancies dealing with both incoming and outgoing students.
  • STA Travel
    Use STA Travel as your gateway to another culture for up to a year. They have locations in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Some locations offer work as an English teacher, others leave the profession up to you.
    Intern, teach English or find a job that interests you. lets you choose a job by location or by profession. It also lists job postings by international companies for you to browse.
  • InterExchange
    This site offers a wide range of opportunity for working abroad. Choose from being an au pair to teaching English to just being on a Work and Holiday Visa and finding a job that works best for you.
  • Australian Work and Holiday Visa
    The Work and Holiday visa is for young people aged 18 to 30 who want to travel and work for up to 12 months in Australia. This visa allows you to supplement the cost of your holiday through periods of temporary or casual employment.

Graduate Study Abroad

  • Fulbright Scholarship
    Government grants given to students to promote intercultural relations or to try to find solutions to international concerns. Students may study or conduct research while abroad. There is an opportunity to teach English with a Fulbright Grant as well. Fulbright Grants are generally merit and leadership based. In most cases the participant needs to have a bachelor's degree by the grants start.
  • English Open Doors
    English Opens Doors was established in 2004 by the Chilean Ministry of Education. The program places native English-speakers in public schools throughout Chile to work with local teachers to plan activities and lead classes. Teachers live with a host family, and placements last from 5-11 months.
  • Boren Award
    These scholarships given by the government are meant to build relationships with countries of importance to national security. Participants will focus on learning a new critical language or building upon language skills they already possess.
  • International Graduate School
    Use this site to research international graduate programs.
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