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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Why should I send my students on your programs?
    We believe that our quality academics, integrated programs and outstanding student services are excellent reasons to send students on IFSA-Butler programs. We believe study abroad is one of the most important decisions a student can make and our goal is to give students a high-quality experience.
  • What services do you offer to students?
    IFSA-Butler offers outstanding student services. From general study abroad guidance to predeparture assistance to on-site support abroad, our staff around the world strives to help students make the most of living and studying abroad. For more information, visit our services section.
  • What academics can I expect from your program?
    IFSA-Butler programs are located at high quality universities around the world, some of which are among the most prestigious in the world. Our students fully enroll in their host universities alongside degree-seeking students, so the classes they take are regularly scheduled degree courses with university professors. With the exception of beginning Spanish programs, all coursework in our Latin America programs is in Spanish.

    For the student who is intimidated by the idea of fully integrated academics abroad, IFSA-Butler offers summer programs and Birkbeck, University of London. These non-integrated opportunities offer courses taught by regular university faculty and the same IFSA-Butler student services, but courses and housing are for study abroad students only.
  • How integrated are your programs?
    Our programs, except for those mentioned above, allow students to fully enroll in their host university and take classes with degree students. IFSA-Butler students are entitled to join any university organization or society and are even eligible for university sports teams in most cases. Although university housing is limited at some institutions, IFSA-Butler strives to provide the most integrated housing possible for all students. IFSA-Butler’s philosophy of study abroad includes as much immersion as possible into the host university culture.
  • What if my student has a problem while he or she is abroad?
    One of IFSA-Butler’s most important services is our on-site office in each country where we have programs. These offices are fully staffed with professionals who conduct orientation and work closely with our affiliated universities in that country, but their primary job is to prepare our students for the academic and cultural differences of their host country. We strongly encourage our students to contact the IFSA-Butler resident director in their host country if they experience problems, either personally or related to their studies.

    In addition to maintaining each on-site office, our staff abroad keep emergency pager or cell phone numbers for student emergencies. In the event of a true emergency outside of office hours, a student may call the emergency number to receive assistance from our staff.
  • Do you require permission from a study abroad advisor before a student can participate on your programs?
    IFSA-Butler considers approval from study abroad professionals to be a crucial part of our application process. We will not issue an acceptance to a student until we have the signed program approval form from a study abroad advisor, dean or other official. The program approval form is part of the IFSA-Butler program application.
  • Can students use financial aid for your programs?
    IFSA-Butler accepts transfers of financial aid from any accredited U.S. college or university. We ask interested universities to sign contractual agreements in order to facilitate the aid transfer. For more information, see our student guide to financial aid page.

    In addition to transferring financial aid, students may also apply for an IFSA-Butler scholarship.
  • Where do your students come from?
    IFSA-Butler students come from more than 350 colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. We will accept an application from any student, as long as he or she is a full-time student who is seeking a bachelor’s degree at an accredited, four-year institution in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Do you have special contacts for study abroad advisors?
    IFSA-Butler has a team of field directors covering each region of the United States. The field directors maintain relationships with colleges and universities in their region, distribute information about our programs to students, faculty and advisors, and forge new relationships with study abroad advisors at universities throughout North America. The field directors are a valuable resource for learning more about IFSA-Butler programs and issues in study abroad.

    Our field directors maintain a very busy schedule of domestic travel, but you can reach them through e-mail or through IFSA-Butler’s Indianapolis office at 800-858-0229.
  • Can I visit your offices abroad?
    Our resident offices welcome visits from study abroad advisors, but we ask advisors to give advance notice and adhere to certain parameters. For more information, visit our guidelines for visits page.

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