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IFSA-Butler Program Evaluations

In accordance with the Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice in Education Abroad, IFSA-Butler carries out formal evaluations of its program sites abroad. An evaluation is an important tool in maintaining high quality programs that continually evolve to meet the needs of students and the realities of the environments in which we operate.

The evaluations began in 2013 and will be performed on a continual basis, according to the following guidelines:

  • IFSA-Butler evaluates one to two programs each year.
  • Evaluation teams consist of three or more people, at least two of whom are external to IFSA-Butler, when possible and practical; one external person is the team leader. The members include:
    • at least one member of an IFSA-Butler advisory committee (Exec Com, LAAC, CBL, etc.);
    • at least one faculty member and at least one education abroad administrator
    • at least one IFSA-Butler staff member who is not based at the site being evaluated; this individual is a support person and not an evaluator or the team leader.
  • Evaluations are based on the IFSA-Butler PESO (Program Evaluation of Systems and Operations), which considers predeparture and on-site practices.
  • Evaluations consider all stakeholders: students, program staff and faculty, partner universities abroad, other partner organizations abroad, U.S. staff and students' home universities.
  • Evaluations rely on clear communication between involved parties and transparent sharing of evaluation results with the education abroad community.

The evaluation team acknowledges that:

  • All travel and evaluation-related costs are covered by IFSA-Butler; evaluators are not remunerated.
  • The visit does not imply, require or guarantee endorsement or approval of the program.
  • Comments about specific personnel or other human resources issues are made to the on-site or U.S.-based director of the program, confidentially and separately from the main report, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Evaluators have the right to unmediated contact with program students, faculty and staff.

Completed Program Evaluations

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