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Parent Welcome Packet

IFSA-Butler provides a welcome packet with digital versions of numerous predeparture publications to keep parents informed about our program details and all the preparations necessary for a great study abroad experience. Below is a general summary and timeline of our parent materials.

Note: IFSA-Butler does not send any parent information, including program bills, in cases where students have requested in writing that we not send information to their parents.

Preparing to Study Abroad is country-specific and contains information about our programs and policies, immigration, health care, insurance, finances, packing, banking abroad and more. We created these booklets in an effort to help students and parents understand our programs and to ease the study abroad transition.

Money Matters covers the financial aspects of study abroad, from scholarships to financial aid to our contractual agreements with universities throughout the U.S. Money Matters also details our payment and billing policies.

Budget Planner: Our budget planners are country-specific and help give a realistic budget of travel, living, entertainment and personal expenses. We also provide separate planners for our summer programs.

Insurance Brochure: Each IFSA-Butler program includes a medical insurance plan for students. Our downloadable brochure includes more information about coverage, claims and exclusions.

Health and Safety Flyer: Our health and safety flyer provides information about our emergency texting service, social media links and more.

Visa Information: Where necessary, our welcome packet includes information about applying for a visa for study abroad.

Each student also receives an online copy of these materials upon application to an IFSA-Butler program.

Click here to view links to these publications.

Program Bills
Unless a student requests otherwise, IFSA-Butler sends program bills to a student’s home address. Bills are sent around each country’s application deadline or once a student has been accepted by a university abroad. Our bills include information about the TuitionPay plan, an interest-free program that allows parents and students to pay IFSA-Butler in monthly installments.

Group Flight Information: We offer a group or suggested flight for most programs. Click here for flight FAQs for additional information. Please note: if your student is studying in the U.K. (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), do not book a flight through the Republic of Ireland, even for a layover. Your student will not clear immigration correctly.

Want to visit your student abroad? Please keep in mind that IFSA-Butler orientation is mandatory, and there are scheduled excursions and local family stays (Scotland only) during the semester. Please check your student's program dates on the Dates & Fees tab of their program page. Exact dates of student excursion(s) will be released to the student as soon as they are available.

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