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Health Abroad

Zika Virus Information and FAQs
We are monitoring regions affected by the Zika virus where the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued travel alerts. These are regions where Zika virus transmission is ongoing, and they include Mexico, The Caribbean, Central America and South America. While there is no immediate threat to your health or safety, IFSA-Butler is providing additional information regarding this virus. Click here for general information and commonly asked questions about the Zika virus. For more information and the full FAQ, visit the WHO website.

Medical Exams and Conditions

We recommend that you undergo complete physical and dental exams prior to departure and receive any vaccination(s) that your physician thinks suitable. We recommend following the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines for the country where you plan to study or visit. The CDC may recommend tetanus, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever or other vaccinations for certain countries. The CDC also highly recommends the meningococcal vaccine due to the higher risk faced by college-aged students living in shared housing.

We send a medical form to every student upon acceptance. If we should be aware of a specific health problem, please inform your program advisor using the medical form. We keep our students’ medical issues confidential and do not consider them in our admissions process. Telling us about any health problems can help make your study abroad experience more comfortable and ensures that you will receive appropriate assistance as quickly as possible.

Health Insurance Abroad
IFSA-Butler provides comprehensive accident and illness insurance to all program participant during the program dates. We strongly recommend that you consider whether you will need supplemental insurance. For more information, see our student insurance section.  

Mental Health
If you have been treated for depression, anxiety, eating disorders or anything else that can be classified as a mental health condition, please obtain additional insurance coverage for treatment abroad. The insurance provided through IFSA-Butler includes only partial coverage of mental health and pre-existing conditions.

Prescriptions Drugs
We highly recommend that you disclose any medications that you are currently taking in your IFSA-Butler medical form, which you will complete after acceptance. While IFSA can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to access this same medication in your host country, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • researching availability
  • suitable alternatives
  • how much you may initially bring with you
  • setting up appointments for refills in country

  • Students with Disabilities
    We encourage students with disabilities to explore study abroad through our programs. For more information, see our students with disabilities page.


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