6 Questions and Answers About University Strikes Abroad
Has IFSA-Butler ever cancelled a program due to a strike?
IFSA-Butler has never yet had to cancel a program because of a strike, and we do not anticipate canceling any programs now. Our students are directly enrolled in existing major universities abroad, and IFSA-Butler would not cancel an individual university program because of a strike.

How common are university strikes abroad?
University strikes are very common abroad. Within recent years, strikes have occurred at universities in the United Kingdom, France, Chile and Argentina. Strikes may involve students, faculty or staff, or a combination of all three, and they can occur over tuition costs, scholarships, politics, salaries, social issues, academic governance and more. Usually, the strikes are short enough to cause minimal inconvenience.

What steps has the IFSA-Butler taken to be prepared in the event of a strike?
IFSA-Butler resident staff members are locals who work closely with our partner host institutions. As these full-time staff members are on-the-ground experts and dedicated to our students, they provide the best, most current information available. Also, IFSA-Butler partners with both public and private institutions abroad; in the event of a strike, alternative arrangements may be arranged with a private institution, if necessary. Depending on circumstances, courses may be held at an alternative location or be completed by local qualified professionals. In these circumstances, IFSA-Butler will work closely with its resident staff abroad and host institution contacts to determine the best solution possible for the situation to ensure that academic integrity is maintained.

Would I receive a refund if I decide to return home during a strike?
After the opening day of hte IFSA-Butler orientation abroad, refunds can be made only in the case of serious illness, extreme personal hardship or an emergency that requires your return home. IFSA-Butler would not cancel an individual university program unless that university cancelled or suspended its operations on a long-term basis. A temporary strike is not considered sufficient cause to close a program. As IFSA-Butler has the ability to make alternative arrangements in the event of a strike, no refund would be issued. All IFSA-Butler students who have been affected by a strike at their local university have been able to earn academic credit for their study abroad program, as the semester will be completed either by extending the end date of the program in question or by increasing work missed.

Will I be safe during the strikes?
Generally, strikes at universities are peaceful. However, IFSA-Butler advises students to avoid all protests and demonstrations, including those at universities, because of the potential for violence.

Will the strike be indicated on my Butler University transcript?
Butler University will only record the department, course title, credits (attempted and earned), and grade awarded on the official transcript. Under no circumstances will attachments, special notes, explanatory letters, etc. be sent in conjunction with the Butler transcript. The legal academic record is simply the transcript itself.

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