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The Facts About Safety in Yucatán

Violence dominates much of the news about Mexico, but thousands of miles away from the troubles in Northern Mexico is an oasis: the state of Yucatán and the city of Mérida, home to our semester and summer Mexico programs. Map of Mexico

Numerous writers and safety experts have touted the state of Yucatán as a tranquil, vibrant destination that shouldn't be confused with the drug cartel killings in the north. The following articles and links will explain more about the safety and peace of southern Mexico:

Mexico Safety Flyer

El Financiero (article in Spanish): Yucatan has been evaluated with the highest scores among 8 different categories in terms of safety, employment and other factors.

Five Safest Places in Mexico for Travelers-San Francisco Gate

Yucatán's homicide rate slightly lower than Wyoming, Montana, Oregon and Maine-Banderas News

Mexico Beyond the Drug Violence-Washington Post

On the Yucatán, a Home Rich in History and Colorful Designs-New York Times

Why You Should Go to Mexico-CNN

Violent Crime in Yucatán Rare-Lonely Planet

Most of Mexico is as Safe as Ever-by travel writer Ann Johnson

Five Myths about Mexico's Drug War-Washington Post

The Truth About Mexico

Mexico's Safest

Mexico Tourism Booming Again-New America Media

U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Mexico-Warning notes that no travel advisory is in effect for the state of Yucatán.

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