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Study Abroad Programs in Israel

Title: Givat Ram campus entrance; Wikipedia Commons
(Flag of Israel) Only in Israel can you combine an academically rigorous study abroad experience with a sense of adventure and the unique opportunity to live in one of the world's most fascinating countries. Israel is home to innumerable sacred sites and ancient civilizations, and history is evident at every turn. At the same time, however, the country is also a modern, urbanized society with great cultural attractions, nightlife and entertainment.

Israel may be small, but its surprising range of climates provides great opportunities for sports, adventure and eco-tourism. The coastal plains boast pristine beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, while the mountainous areas of the north offer terrific skiing and hiking opportunities. The southern and eastern portions of the country are a desert climate and the middle area is a semi-arid zone with less extreme weather but still plenty of sunshine. In recent years the Israeli government has made a great push toward "greening" its countless tourist attractions to ensure that they are sustainable and accessible to future visitors.

Our program is based in the principal city of Jerusalem, a city that has captured imaginations for millennia. One of the most sacred and historic cities in the world, Jerusalem is the perfect place to spend an exciting and enlightening semester or year.

To learn more about our dedicated on-site staff, student services and events in Israel, visit our Israel resident office website.

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