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England Study Abroad Program at the University of the Arts

About University of the Arts in London, England

  • Required GPA: 3.0 (4.0 scale)
  • Application deadlines: October 15 for spring two terms (Jan-June)
    April 1 for fall semester (Sept-Dec) and full year (Sept-June)
  • Program advisor: Emma Diebold
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Program Snapshot


We're so excited that you're considering IFSA-Butler's program at the University of the Arts, London for your semester or year abroad. The UAL is Europe's largest university for art, design, fashion, communications and the performing arts and we're sure you're going to love studying there!

There are a few specific forms for this program that you will need to complete along with your IFSA-Butler application. You can find the forms under the Forms tab.

What the University of the Arts has to offer

  • Six colleges that provide some of the best creative instruction and guidance in the world
  • Amazing faculty who are active artists, designers and communications professionals
  • Close working relationship with the art, design and media industries of the U.K.
  • Location near the artistic districts of Soho, Bond Street, Covent Garden, St. Christopher's Place, South Molton Street, Hoxton, Brick Lane and Knightsbridge
  • An outstanding selection of subjects
  • Colleges located throughout London, one of the greatest places on the planet for the aspiring artist!


  • University residence hall in central London or IFSA-Butler housing for London College of Fashion students
  • Shared study-bedrooms
  • Housing is self-catering with fully equipped kitchens for students to use
  • Students take the Tube or a bus to and from class


  • Areas of study include: design, curation, fashion, film, photography, fine arts, interior design, marketing, communications and theatre

We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a College?
First it is important to decide what you want to study at UAL. Photography? Sculpture? Fashion? Then use the UAL website to determine which college(s) that subject is available. If you have more than one option, each college has their own distinct feel and ways of teaching. Click here to learn more about each one.

What classes will I take?
UAL students are accepted into one college and one subject. Studying at UAL is an intensive study that focuses on one subject, as opposed to the Liberal Arts model where you might take several classes on entirely different subjects over a semester. Your classes will most likely include a combination of studio time, lectures, seminars, and visits to galleries and museums. Having said that, you will be accepted to study either Year 1 or Year 2 of the specific course you've chosen, based on your experience and background. You can learn more about what you might be learning by going to UAL's course catalog and looking at the "Content and Structure" portion of each course description.

Studio Art Option or Semester Option?
Please see the Semester v. Studio Art tab under the Academics tab.

What should my portfolio look like?
Your portfolio requirements will depend on the specific subject and program that you are applying for. In general, evaluators will want to see multiple projects from start to finish. This includes research, development of your ideas and finished pieces. Studio Art students should have between 20-25 images of about five projects in their portfolio along with explanation of the images (or a showreel or written work if applicable). Semester students should have at least five to 10 images for their portfolios.

Click here to read additional information regarding portfolios.

If I want to study abroad in the fall on the Studio Art program, why do I have to take the European Art History Module?
In order to comply with immigration and U.S. financial aid policies, IFSA-Butler students must take a minimum of 12 U.S. semester credit hours while abroad. Following IFSA-Butler credit conversions, students must take the European Art History Module in order to earn 12 credits.

What if I don't get into the course or college I want?
The UAL staff and instructors look at each application individually to determine if the student's preferred course and college choice are the best fit for the student's background and experience. This is determined through a student's personal statement, portfolio, and transcript showing courses related to that area. It is not uncommon that UAL suggests a student might actually prefer or succeed more in a different but related course and/or college.



Where can I find a list of courses that the university offers?

  1. Open the University of the Arts online course catalog.
  2. Under where it says "See the courses available on each programme," select either Integrated Study Abroad (for "Studio Art" students) or Semester Study Abroad. For more detail on the difference between the two, see the Semester v. Studio Art tab of our website.
  3. On either the Integrated or Semester page, scroll to the bottom where it lists the courses available; click on the subject of your choice to see the course options and the college where it's offered.

What courses am I eligible to take?
As an IFSA-Butler student, you are entitled to enroll in the full-time undergraduate course in the subject of your choice at one of six colleges:

  • Camberwell College of Arts
  • Central Saint Martins
  • Chelsea College of Arts
  • London College of Communication
  • London College of Fashion
  • Wimbledon College of Arts

Course descriptions in the online course catalog include prerequisites and portfolio requirements that you must fulfill in order to apply to the course when applicable. You will be accepted to study in Year 1 or Year 2 of the course you have chosen, on the basis of your course background and experience.

What if I need to take a required course?
Please be aware that IFSA-Butler cannot guarantee that your host university will offer a particular course, or that you will be allowed to take that particular course. However, if you need to take a required course, you may indicate that it is required on your course preference form. Your IFSA-Butler program advisor will communicate your needs to your host university.

Semester Vs. Studio Art

The Studio Art option (referred to as "Integrated Study Abroad" by UAL) is for a student who is likely to be an art, design, fashion, communications or performance major already with a strong background in these areas. You should be prepared for an intensive, independent study alongside degree-seeking UAL students that is very subject specific.

This option is ideal for a student from a fine arts school or program that can support a portfolio of 20-25 images of their work. The Studio Art option is available for the following terms (Please see the Dates & Fees tab for specific dates.):

  • Academic year (10 weeks in the fall, 20 weeks in the spring)
  • Fall term (10 week term plus a mandatory 2 week pre-sessional European Art History Module)
  • Spring two terms (two 10 week terms totaling 20 weeks for the entire spring)

This option is available at Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication and Wimbledon College of Arts. It is not available at London College of Fashion.

The Semester option is for students with a strong interest in art, design, or fashion and will have taken a number of classes in these areas but it is perhaps not their major. This option is closer to the Liberal Arts model that many students might be familiar with and offers a more structured experience. Students who are interested in studying at UAL for the full academic year should apply for the Studio Art option. Students will be studying alongside other overseas students with opportunities to collaborate with local students. Semester option students take a few mandatory modules and then choose a few electives. The Semester option is available for the following terms (Please see the Dates & Fees tab for specific dates.):

  • Fall semester (14 weeks)
  • Spring semester (14 weeks)

This option is available at Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts and London College of Fashion. It is not available at London College of Communication or Wimbledon College of Arts.

Course Restrictions

Course descriptions in the online course catalog (see Courses tab) include prerequisites and portfolio requirements that you must fulfill in order to apply to the course when applicable. You will be accepted to study in Year 1 or Year 2 of the course you have chosen, on the basis of your course background and experience. Students can take only one course of study in one subject. If a student is interested in multiple art forms and has the background experience and completed coursework in both, he/she must choose one.


How do I determine U.S. semester credit hours?
Studio Art Option
10 UAL credits = 2.5 U.S. semester credit hours

Academic Year students typically earn 30 U.S. semester credit hours for the entire year (10 U.S. semester credit hours per term with one term in the fall and two in the spring.).

Fall students typically earn 13 U.S. semester credit hours (10 U.S. semester credit hours for the fall term plus the mandatory European Art History: London and Berlin module (3 U.S. semester credit hours). Please note that this module includes one week of instruction in Berlin.

Spring two term students typically earn 20 U.S. semester credit hours, (10 U.S. semester credit hours per term.).

Semester Option
Fall or Spring students typically earn 12-16 credits per semester, depending on the course and modules chosen.

Please note that IFSA-Butler considers a full course load to be between 15-16 U.S. semester credit hours. Semester Option students must receive permission from their home institution to take more or less than this.


What are the registration conditions?
You must take a full University of the Arts, London course load as determined by IFSA-Butler. Credit will be awarded on a Butler University transcript based on a typical U.S. full course load. All courses are graded on an A-F scale, and there is no provision for pass/fail or auditing courses unless pass/fail is the only method of assessment for the course. You are not allowed to register for online, distance education or hybrid courses.

You should also be aware that you may be charged additional fees by your home institution or host university to take or process additional credits. Taking less than a full course load may jeopardize your student status and result in personal academic repercussions and/or loss of financial aid.

The course preference form is not a registration form; it is a guideline to let your host university know which courses you are interested in taking abroad. You should discuss your course selections with your academic advisor at your home institution and have several backup choices in mind. You will be officially registered for courses before you arrive on campus.


What do I need to know about exams?
Because of the differences in the academic systems, you will not know your exam schedule until after you arrive at your host university. Please refer to the program dates to review the exam period for your host university. Your host university's policies do not permit you to reschedule any exams, request alternate assessments or arrange to have your exams proctored in the United States. If this occurs, IFSA-Butler cannot assist you in conducting an academic record appeal for the course in which you made this arrangement. You will need to complete and submit all academic work prior to departing the program.


How will my home university know what my classes were and what grades I received?
After you have returned to the U.S., your home university will receive a Butler University transcript with the credit you earned at the University of the Arts, London. The Butler University transcript will report the equivalent U.S. semester credit hours and letter grades. We also will send an official transcript to your permanent address.

Exploring Community & Culture

Student praise for C&C:

"We were able to discuss current issues while bringing information from our classes to the table. My friend from college was in another study abroad program and she was jealous because they didn't have a C&C."

"At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, but it really helped me to see things from a different perspective. I am pretty sure I would not have gotten the same out of my time in London without doing the C&C."


IFSA-Butler's Exploring Community & Culture feature (C&C) is designed to take students' study abroad experiences to another level. It encourages them to get the most out of their time abroad by blending intercultural learning with an exploration of the local community and local community groups. Selected activities will foster your intercultural learning through a series of on-site discussions and self-reflection. Through this special program feature you will be encouraged to engage with the community in which you are living and question your own perspective of the world, while learning to appreciate similarities and differences between cultures and communities.

You may participate in C&C the seminar for either three semester credit hours or for a non-credit certificate which will be a complementary addition to your courses. The C&C seminar is comprised of class discussions combined with instructor-guided field excursions designed to assist you in exploring the complexities and curiosities of London's varied neighborhoods.

Students who have participated in the C&C in past semesters have found it a great way to explore and get to know London and, with their fellow IFSA-Butler students, to learn interculturally from their everyday experiences there.

You can mark your choice on the required C&C course enrollment form. Please return this form to your IFSA-Butler program advisor before departure.

Click here to view the C&C syllabus for certificate.

Click here to view the C&C syllabus for credit.


Housing Options

What are my housing options?
For all colleges except London College of Fashion, housing is in one of the halls of residence (dorms or apartments) managed by University of the Arts London. University of the Arts London is not campus based, so residences and colleges are located across London from Chelsea to Oxford Street to Camberwell. The cost of commuting is your responsibility. A list of halls of residence is located here.

London College of Fashion students live in IFSA-Butler housing in central London. Most rooms are doubles or triples, and students will have access to shared bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.


All housing is self-catering, which means there is no meal plan. You will have access to a kitchen to cook your own meals.

Housing FAQs

Is my housing included in the program fee?
Yes. Your program fee includes accommodation at the university while classes are in session. You will be responsible for the cost of your meals and any commuting costs you may incur. Some university housing requires students to move out during winter and spring breaks. If you wish to remain in residence during the vacation period(s), you must notify the university housing office upon arrival to make necessary arrangements. Staying in residence during university breaks may incur additional costs not covered by the IFSA-Butler program fee.

When will I receive my housing assignment?
You will most likely receive your housing assignment one to two weeks before your departure. However, in some cases you may not receive your housing assignment until you arrive in London for orientation. Your program advisor will notify you of your housing assignment via email when it is released by the university.

Please keep in mind that while IFSA-Butler guarantees housing, we cannot guarantee your preferences.

Do I have to pay a housing deposit?
Yes. IFSA-Butler requires a refundable housing deposit of $300 before going abroad. We will return this deposit to you after March 1 for fall programs or September 1 for spring and year programs, less any fines, damages or outstanding debts in your name.

Can I arrange my own housing?
Yes. IFSA-Butler recognizes that some students require independent housing for their time abroad. If you choose not to take advantage of our guaranteed housing, you may sign up for independent housing on the housing preference form. Once you've made this choice, we will not provide housing for you or bill you for the accommodation fee.

Please be advised that housing costs can be high abroad, and many times students living independently end up spending more money than students living in IFSA-Butler arranged housing. If you are hoping to save money by arranging housing on your own, please research your options early so you can compare costs. You must notify us of your intention to live in independent housing by the program application deadline for your term abroad, listed at the top of this page. We are not able to accommodate independent housing requests after the deadline.

Location Info

Living and Studying Abroad in London, England

About London
Population: 9 million
Location: Southeast England

City features

  • One of the most cosmopolitan, hip cities in the world, with an atmosphere of excitement and sophistication
  • A major global city with remarkable cultural, historic, artistic, political and intellectual offerings
  • Home to many universities scattered throughout different neighborhoods, each with its own atmosphere and attractions
  • A diverse population with more than 300 languages spoken within the city
  • One of the world's leading business and financial centers

Do more!

  • Use London's excellent transportation links to explore continental Europe
  • Take advantage of Britain's extensive rail system to visit other areas of the U.K.
  • Take a break from the constant bustle of London and experience the beautiful and historic regions of England

Visit London
London On Line
London Net
Time Out: London
London Town
London Transport


Dates & Fees

Program Dates

Please wait... Please wait - Loading Dates...

Important: We have contacted the individual universities for specific ending dates for all programs. Once you are abroad, please verify these dates with the department(s) in which you are studying. Ending dates will vary from department to department and you will be expected to complete all course obligations prior to your departure. Program housing is available only until the program end date.

Your program end date may change due to circumstances beyond IFSA-Butler's control. Upon arrival at your host university, be sure to verify your exam schedule and program end date. We also strongly recommend that you investigate fees and penalties associated with your airline tickets in case you need to make date or route changes.

In the United Kingdom, exams are taken under formal conditions and changes cannot be made for individuals. Exams must be taken where and when scheduled.

Program Fees

Contact the program advisor for details.

Personal Cost Estimates

Please wait... Please wait - Loading Personal Costs...

Expense calculator

These figures are designed to assist students with financial planning but are only estimates based on past students’ experiences at the current exchange rate. They do not include any entertainment or vacation travel costs.

The above numbers are general estimates of expenses during a program abroad. We recommend taking into account your current spending habits, the cost of living in your host country and the current exchange rate. Your IFSA-Butler program advisor can be helpful as you attempt to work on a personal budget for your experience abroad.

*Student Visa: U.S. citizens studying in the U.K. for less than six months (180 days) do not need to apply for a visa, but can instead enter the country as a student visitor at no cost. Student visitors are allowed to remain in the U.K. for up to six months but are not allowed to undertake any paid work or unpaid volunteer activities. Citizens of some countries may be required to obtain a student visa. If this applies to you, your IFSA-Butler program advisor will notify you. Detailed instructions regarding U.K. visas will be sent to all students upon acceptance.

Personal Miscellaneous: Covers general expenses of college life, including course supplies, photocopying, toiletries, snacks, personal care, etc.

Commuting: Estimates are for transportation between housing and university. Transportation for personal or recreational purposes is not included in the above estimates.

All costs are in U.S. dollars.


To apply to the University of the Arts program, use our easy online application.

Applicants to the University of the Arts program must complete four additional forms as part of the application process:

Complete only one course preference form. For more information on the difference between the Studio Art and Semester options, please see the Semester v. Studio Art information under the Academics tab. For more information you can also contact the program advisor for University of the Arts for assistance.

We must receive these forms before we can send your application to the University of the Arts for an admissions decision. They can be sent to IFSA-Butler via email, fax or regular mail. Please submit these forms with the remainder of your program application.

If you have already started an application to the University the Arts program, you can track which forms IFSA-Butler has received by logging into the student portal.

Meet Your IFSA-Butler Team

IFSA-Butler has a dedicated team of staff who are here to help students prepare for their program in England:

mattProgram Advisor Emma Diebold assists with the application process and is here to answer program, cultural and academic questions before departure. Emma completed her undergraduate degree in Geography: Travel & Tourism at Ball State University. She went abroad with the BSU Geography Department to Eastern and Central Europe and has enjoyed personal travels to several destinations including Belgium, France, Ireland, Peru, Ecuador and The Bahamas. Emma joined the IFSA- Butler team to aid students who want to explore the world and advises students planning to study abroad in England. Emma can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229, ext. 4258.

altStudent Accounts Coordinator Angelita Shaffer assists with the financial side of study abroad and processes payments and invoices. Angelita can be reached at the email link above or at 317-940-4221.




altStudent & Parent Services Manager Donnetta Spears is available to both students and parents for travel questions and information. Donnetta has worked with IFSA-Butler since 2000, and she has traveled through parts of Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. As the mother of 4 college students (including one who studied abroad on an IFSA-Butler program), she has a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of study abroad from a parent perspective. Donnetta can be reached at the email link above or at 317-940-4252.

Once abroad, our students are in the capable hands of our on-site office, including our resident directors. Click here to read more about Resident Directors Lynne Alvarez and Andrew Williams.

altUpon return from your study abroad program, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs Rhonda Hinkle processes your Butler University transcript and assists with any academic record appeals. Rhonda completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Evansville and received her master's degree from Bowling Green State University. She also has taken doctoral courses at Ball State University. For Rhonda, study abroad not only increased her awareness of the world around her but also ignited her passion for travel and education. Rhonda can be reached at the email link above or at 800-858-0229 ext. 4259.

Get Connected

Connect with IFSA-Butler Students

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For Students

Summer Program

The University of the Arts, London offers a summer program.

What the University of the Arts summer program has to offer

  • Programs available for students who are either specialists in their area or for those with little or no experience
  • Students choose between an eight-week program at London College of Fashion or three-week programs at other UAL colleges
  • London College of Fashion feature a five-day trip to Paris, which includes visits to museums, galleries, churches, food markets, flea markets, designer boutiques, department stores, shopping districts and major sights

For more information, click here.

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