Australia Outbound Study Abroad

Australia Outbound Study Abroad Page Guide Short-Term Study Abroad Summer Programs Winter Programs Learn More Short-Term Study Abroad IFSA provides study abroad during three-week Summer programs (January Term) and four-week Winter program (June-July). Opportunities are open to students of all year levels and all fields. No previous knowledge is required and all classes are taught […]

Ten Must-See Places on Australia’s East Coast

During my semester abroad in Sydney, I traveled to many places near the city and in New South Wales, and quickly I learned that the East Coast of Australia has many extraordinary places to visit. While I could easily name more than ten highlights, these stood out to me and my study abroad friends. From […]


Australia A place to live large Quality academics meet a spirited, multicultural vibe, with adventure in easy reach. Awesome rock formations. Mindboggling architecture. Marsupials found only here. Australia is full of surprises. And though the English language simplifies communication for many U.S. students, society here is anything but homogeneous.     With more than 10 prestigious schools […]

Helping Australia Recover from the Bushfires

While much of the U.S. battles blizzards and ice storms in the winter months, Australia is experiencing summer and its hottest months. Along with that comes an annual fire season, typically from December to March, when areas of the Australian outback are most susceptible to wildfires, or bushfires. This season’s bushfires in Australia have been […]

How to Explore yourself by Going Camping in Australia

I went camping during my study abroad program at University of Sydney in Australia. This camping trip was to the Basin campground in Ku-Ring-Gai National Park arranged by the Myanmar Cultural Society from the university. It was during the mid-semester break, and the camping trip was both affordable and enjoyable. Plus, it was not very […]

(En)roll with the Punches: A Guide to Australian Academia

I’m a worrier. If you haven’t noticed based on my previous posts, “stress” is practically my middle name. In the weeks before leaving for the University of Melbourne I freaked out—as I usually do—about almost everything. Funnily enough, though, the one thing that didn’t worry me was the actual “study” part of studying abroad. All my life I’ve been the kid who […]

5 Misconceptions About Studying in Australia

When you hear “Australia,” what’s the first thing that springs to mind? For some, it’d be kangaroos, koalas, or any number of horrifying creepy-crawlies. Others would say “shrimp* on the barbie” or Vegemite. A few others might mention the iconic Sydney Opera House. But the true Australia is so much more than these standard stereotypes. Still, whenever I’d tell someone that […]

There’s More to Life in Australia than the Beach

These past few weeks in Sydney have gone by so fast. So fast that I occasionally have to stop, catch my breath and pinch myself because it still hasn’t dawned on me that I’ve actually made it to the other side of the world. My second week of classes are officially over and I’ve had […]

Interning in Australia – A Digital Story

“Going abroad didn’t keep me from excelling. It gave me adventure and opportunities all in one. Don’t let your fears hold you back, because if you do you will be missing out on the most amazing opportunity of all: really living.” Julie Hoffmann is a student at Columbia University and studied abroad with IFSA at […]

An Open Thank You Letter to Australia

Dear Australia, I want to sincerely thank you for the past four and a half months. You have changed me. I wasn’t quite sure what I was signing up for when I agreed to study half way across the world. Hearing everyone else’s stories, those who braved the experience before me, made study abroad sound […]