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“One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.”

I have finally arrived in Ireland! It has been an insane journey. Frankfurt, Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Dublin, and finally Galway, before running to the Notre Dame v. Navy football game in Dublin- which in itself was one of the craziest experiences ever. 40,000 extra people were in Dublin for the game and most of them were American. It almost felt as if you weren’t in Ireland- that is until you tried to cross the street and almost got hit by the cars driving on the left side of the road.

But now I am finally getting settled into my new home in Menlo Apartments.. Most of my room mates are American girls from Butler but we have one Swedish post grad student who is incredibly sweet. The Irish students just arrived a few days after us and we had our first day of registration/classes. The way they do things here is slightly hectic…We waited in a class with other Irish students for half an hour before we all realized we had a different schedule this week.

We wandered around campus trying to figure out where all our classes were and a number of people never found them…Luckily I found mine and am prepared for the rest of the week…hopefully.

We’re all getting used to the differences over here. Washing your cloths takes about 4 hours- without including air drying time. Straighteners and hairdryers can blow up and melt. You need to carry your passport or get an Age card from the Garda (Irish police) to buy alcoholic drinks. Look BOTH ways when you cross the road. It can literally rain at any moment- even when it looks beautiful out- so always carry an umbrella.

But every mistake we make is never serious, and you always learn from it and laugh at yourself. I’ve been in Europe for 3 weeks and in Ireland for 1 and it has already been the best 3 weeks of my life. Meeting new people with different points of views and ways of doing things is refreshing and exciting. Being surrounded by the completely unfamiliar is a little disorienting and can be confusing but I have always managed to find my footing and enjoy it. Anyone that is thinking about going abroad but is a little nervous or fearful: don’t be. Within less than a month I know I made the right choice in coming here and any negative things I’ve had to experience pale in comparison to the positive. I seriously can’t say it enough! Go abroad.


Below are pictures and a video clip from the game.


I didn’t have my luggage yet and we had just moved in…but it’s our home for the next 3 months!

Free pints of Guinness at the Gravity Bar

Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse


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