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It’s been a rainy day here in New Jersey.  If I wasn’t going abroad this year today would have been my first day of classes but as I am going abroad I spent most of my day knitting and going through some stuff in my room to get rid of.

My summer has been very long, it was the longest summer I’ve had in all my years of schooling. I spent five weeks in Luxor, Egypt on an archaeological dig which was amazing and I’ve been very slowly cleaning out my bedroom at home to pass the rest of the time.

The countdown widget on my desktop that has been dutifully counting down since before the end of the school year stands at 11 days and 22 hours at time of typing.  I can’t tell if the time has gone fast or slow.  I remember when, not too long ago, it was at over 100, but at the same time these last 2 weeks are going slower than I thought possible.  Everyone I know is back at school and a friend of mine studying in England this year has been over there for about a week already.

I have a lot planned for the next 11 days.  I’m going down to Baltimore to visit some friends down there, I’m going up to New York, I have to pack, I have to finish packing, I’m going to a Florence + the Machine concert the day before I leave.  Basically I’ve got plenty to keep myself busy but I don’t think I’ll be able to get Cardiff out of my mind.

I’m incredibly excited.  Excited to experience something new, a new country, a new school system, a new adventure.  I’m excited to take classes that are nothing like the ones back home, I’m excited to travel.  I’m just really, really excited.

Upon next post I will hopefully be in London or Cardiff, until then.


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