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Wherein the Missing Orientation Pictures and Mysterious Free Days


Cairo Orientation – the video that should’ve accompanied the post of the same name.


 Jeanette, Mariam, and I just before we left Cairo.


Scenes from the Desert Highway: the left reminiscent of Jordan, the second of Turkey, and the third of my idea of California. There, of course, was more to the Highway, but I was writing and talking.

 Oh my gosh – you can actually see pavement!

 Our first view of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from the Corniche.

 Turn the other way, towards the Sea, and there stands Fort Qaitbey. I have yet to visit the castle, which stands where the Pharos Lighthouse lit a beacon of warning.

Abu Shabat Abou Shabat (I think that was the name of the restauarant) was a fantastic seafood restaurant on the Corniche. We got to see pretty cool wave action, but the traffic on the Corniche behaved unusually well – so I wasn’t able to video anything exciting.

Bourii The fish (bourii) fillet of that restaurant; Brannon gave me a lesson on how to prepare and eat filleted fish. The tomatoes, onions, and lemon addition to the bourii and the accompanying literal pyramid of rice were incredibly tasty.

The Sunset over al-Iskandariyya This is what the sunset looks like through a window in the men’s apartment. I get the sunrise through my window.

Sana helwa Egame, Chris! Sorry about the quality of this picture: We surprised Chris with chocolate cake on her birthday!

Study time! So, via a reflection in the women’s apartment wall of mirrors, Ben, Brannon, Moutaz, and I are caught studying ECA. This was a couple days before classes started, working on organizing vocabulary, verb conjugations, and spelling. Always spelling.

January 25 Revolutionary graffiti sometimes still remains on walls in Alexandria – this section of bricks declares “January 25,” which is known as the “Friday of Rage” when police retaliation became brutal.

Stanley Beach with Brannon This past Sunday, the day before classes began, Brannon and I went swimming in the beach at Stanley Bridge (Jisr Stanly in MSA, Kubrii Stanly in ECA). While the water was saltier than I expected it to be (maybe 1/5 the saltiness of the Dead Sea, instead of 1/10), it felt sooo good to be in water once again. Playing Frisbee in the waves attracted attention to the novelty of two blondes; we ended up talking to some Egyptian men who live elsewhere in the world but spend part of their summer back in Alexandria. They invited us to political conversation, grapes, and tea, which we gladly accepted, drying out before our walk home. It was quite the fun afternoon, and a good last free day.


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