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Back Home

Well the plane ride wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My plan was to sleep very little the night before my flight (which I accomplished by going out to Scruffy Murphy’s one last time with some of my friends) and to sleep most of the way to LA since I would be landing just before 7AM.  I was exhausted when I got on the plane but only managed to sleep for about an hour after the first meal they served us.  I watched a couple movies and then wanted to sleep again, but I found myself so excited about going home that I just couldn’t.  Unfortunately the plane was delayed about an hour and a half leaving Sydney, and therefore I missed my connecting flight in LA.  There was a plane about half an hour after the one I was supposed to be one, but I ended up having to go to JFK instead of Newark.  My dad wasn’t thrilled about that, but the traffic didn’t end up being that bad.  It did take an hour to get my bags and get out of the airport though.  Also, I slept almost the whole entire trip from LA to JFK.

At this point my sleep schedule was all kinds of messed up as I had only been sleeping for a few hours at a time after random intervals of being awake.  I was tired after dinner, but stayed up until about 12:30 before falling asleep.  Somehow the crazy sleep patterns I got into managed to keep away the jet lag, and I was up and ready to go my first full day of being home.  I was happily surprised about that, especially because I had a lot of errands to take care of when I got home.  I needed my new drivers license, had to get a phone and phone plan (as my # on the family plan was disconnected before I left), tried to find a job, etc.  Also, when I went into my room I realized all of my college stuff from winter term was still scattered about.  I still need to take care of that…

So after a long day of traveling, I found that I was indeed very glad to be home.  Although I would love to visit Australia again, and I will never forget all the people I met and experiences I had there, it was just great to be home.  Especially after I got my new phone and was able to call people again and go out with some friends.  Kudos to the people who actually called my house, I appreciated that.

It’s been really tough trying to find a job because most places already hired their summer help.  I’m going to babysit for my aunt and maybe pick up some shifts at the bar I worked at last year or do some odd jobs for my dad.  I actually applied for a job at McDonalds today.  Desperate times call for desparate measures; my credit card isn’t going to pay itself.  So basically I’m looking at a very broke summer, but at least the beach is free.  I’m actually looking forward to a week long vacation in the Outerbanks this Saturday!!  It’s going to be a blast, especially because pretty much all of my mom’s side of the family is going, but I can’t believe i’m going away so soon after I just got back!!  I feel like this summer and senior year are going to fly by.  Even though all my friends are doing internships this summer, and I couldn’t get one because the semester ends so late in Australia. I believe that my choice to study in Austrailia has been the best college decision I’ve ever made.


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