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Predeparture (July 3, 2008)

Eager to leave, I wonder if I’m ready. I try to visualize myself getting off the biggest plane I’ve ever been on, and plunging into a country and culture of pure unfamiliarity. All in all, I would have to say that I am not worried, yet doubts creep up every once in a while as I try to imagine what my Australia study abroad experience will be like.

So far there have not been very few complications. My flight is no longer direct; however, the travel agent is taking good care of us.

The only thing I have to worry about for now is packing. I plan to study in Australia for a year. How much can I or should I bring? My first year of college, at the University of Hartford, I was able to bring a whole SUV full of whatever I needed, and I ended up taking too much. This is very different. When it comes to school, there is a certain comfort found in having all the resources you will need at your fingertips. I will have to learn to succeed with less. This could be a good challenge for me: try not to let expediency of materials effect my performance; rather, planning and organization. I must now fit all I will need into a single bag and a carry-on item; Mōna (my guitar) will have to count as my second luggage, unfortunately.

Let’s just hope that the excitement brought on by the imminent change and challenge will outweigh any negative surprises coming my way.

I will be staying with a college friend in California for three days before I fly out of LA for Brisbane. I’m hoping that the three hour gain will help me begin to adjust to the final 14 hour time change between Indianapolis and Brisbane.


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