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Breakdancing in Egypt?  I would have never guessed that I would have the opportunity to learn break dancing here.  I would have guessed that I would have met Egyptians who camped and rock climbed in the Sinai canyons before I found someone to teach me how to break dance (I’m still looking so hope hard for me :) ).  But… I’m taking a break dancing class.  In the bottom floor of my apartment is a small workout center that offers all kinds of various classes.  In the center is a small dance room with mirrors lining the room.  I walked in to my first class last Monday and met the teacher, a strong Arab with dreadlocks (he looked sweet with dreads!) and two of his younger students.  Aw darn… I forgot the teacher’s name… Ahmed I think.  Ahmed asked if I had any experience with breakdancing.  I answered: “zero”.   So, he started me out on one of the most basic poses in break dancing.  He showed me how to balance parallel to the floor on my hand with my elbow in my stomach.  The only thing touching the floor is one hand, the rest of the body is off the ground.  I got the pose on my first try. :)  Somewhat impressed, he said that that pose takes most people weeks or months to get.  So, he showed me another pose a little harder.  I got it on my second or third try.  After teaching some girls that were in the class some hip hop moves, he returned to me chuckling because I had gotten the second pose.  He asked, “you’ve never had any breakdancing experience”?  I laughed, “no I haven’t”.  He showed me another that balances on one arm.  It is sort of like a handstand but uses the arm from the elbow to the hand while the opposite leg hovers perpendicular to the body and the other leg bends over the head.  He watched me get this within 5 attempts and laughed.  After talking with his younger students in Arabic (I got maybe 5% of it) he turned to me and said “Well, your really good” (for someone with no experience of course).  “Maybe it’s because your American”?  He and the students laughed.  I chuckled but asserted that it wasn’t because I was American but more likely because I used to wrestle and have been involved with athletics my whole life.  So, he continued to show me things- poses, dance moves, movements.  I didn’t pick up the dance moves near as quickly.  He taught me how to do the wave with my shoulders… I’m still working on that one. :)  At the end, he said that I need to go home and watch break dancing videos because I’m ready to start learning more advanced things and I need to pick a dance style.  So, here is where you can help me.  What should be my dance style?  Low sitting jeans and baggy shirts isn’t me.  So what’s my style?  Technical?  Strong movement?  Fast movements?  Yoga movements?  What kind of music?  You can break dance to classical even!  I saw a video.


Other than breakdancing, I’ve been doing yoga in an attempt to maintain some of my rock climbing strength.  It’s been good.  I miss climbing a lot, but yoga is helping satisfy my cravings for some physical activity… as is break dancing.  I’ve played a little frisbee also.  Hopefully soon, I’ll have more Egyptian friends who can enjoy some slack-lining with me.  We’ll see. :)

So, let me hear from you.  What’s my break dancing style?



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