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Mediterranean Sea:




The day before I started class I spent part of the day at the beach with another student from our program, Jessa.  We took a taxi!  Wooohooo. Fun. :) It was my first taxi experience ever, and it was a good one.  We got to the beach.  I went for a swim about 200m out in the Mediterranean.   Shortly afterward we begin to play frisbee.  Now, no matter where I go I get stares from nearly everyone and even whistles from Arab girls wearing hijabs!  My pale skin, California blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes just tend to draw attention I guess. :)  The stares aren’t rude though.  Most people smile hugely upon eye contact and yell things like, “Hello Mr.!”,  “Welcome!”, or “How are you!” in Egyptian accents.  At the beach, the stares felt constant.  People were watching us swim and play frisbee… maybe we were really impressive or something, I don’t know.  Anyway, eventually I was approached by a couple of older gentlemen at separate times.  They both asked where I was from and what I was doing in Egypt.  A second conversation ensued with both of these men later that day.  They were with a group of friends, all Egyptians who had emigrated when they were younger to various places.  They come back home, to Alexandria every year.  They invited us over to their outdoor patio just along the beach for tea and grapes.  To be on the safe side I know that I was SUPPOSED to decline like I had been TOLD since I got here, but what’s the fun in that!  I’m here for new experiences right?  Besides, we were outside where everyone could see.  So, I ate some of the best grapes I have had in a long time and drank some very smooth tea while soaking up the Mediterranean sun and talking politics and life with a group of educated Egyptian men.  It was awesome!


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