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Orientation and Orienting

After a few traveling complications, I arrived in Brisbane, and met by a Butler leader. The next few days of orientation for the Australia study abroad program were exactly what I needed. They strategically planned events later in the day in order to catch up with the Aussie time change. My California stay really helped with the time change, and I would recommend it for anyone traveling this way. Another recommendation would be to plan on living out of your carry-on luggage. I took Butler’s advice, and had enough clothing to carry me through my 3-4 days without my lost luggage!

Orientation was literally a breath of fresh air – very relaxing, and “jet lag” did not really exist for me. In just a few days, we spent two days on beaches, danced with aboriginals, held some very unique animals, and toured the areas nature parks. Coming from the landlocked state of Indiana, I never really believed that I would get to surf, it seemed to good to be true! It was amazing, and I hope to go again this weekend, in a possible trip to nearby Surfer’s Paradise.

Moving in has been a slight complication, but the excitement is overwhelming! When we arrived, our RAs greeted us with a welcome dinner and drinks. There are about 15 guys living here in King’s residential College, 3 from my IFSA Australia study abroad program, and the others are from Europe and the US. Its been a long haul registering for classes, banking, and supplying our rooms, but there is always time enough for exercise and hanging out with all our new friends. The dorms here trump anything I’ve seen in the US! Our residential hall alone has a gym, Harry-Potter-style dining hall (amazing food), a Rec. room with surround sound, pool and pingpong, and room enough for plenty of friends. Free time is spent watching Aussie rules football and Rugby on the projection screen. My room also has a porch where we like to hang out. I love UQ so far.

I will close with the feelings of:

Shock – everything is so very expensive!

Awe – I wish I was born into this amazing culture!

Anticipation – Everything is so great so far, I wonder what is to come with classes next week…


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