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“Family Weekend”

Hi all,

I have been very busy catching up with school since my parents were here last week. It was really great because I had the opportunity to do all of the touristy things again. One of my favorite things in the world to do is ride to on a “felucca” down the Nile.  A “felucca” is a sail boat without a sail that you can ride for one hour on the Nile listening to music and dance or sit and enjoy the nice breeze and scenery. My parents were able to experience this the second night they were in Egypt and they loved it as well.

You know you learn about the Nile River when you are young in school in geography class and you dream about seeing it one day in person, and when you finally make it to Egypt it truly turns out to be magical. I don’t know why I feel a sense of tranquility when I see the Nile. It is somewhat contradictory because I am currently studying in Cairo, which is a large, busy, and congested city, yet I feel at home and calm when I observe the flowing water that has provided for settlements for thousands and thousands of years.

Another fun thing I enjoyed with my parents was the pyramids of Giza. Of course, I love seeing the pyramids, but this time it was special not only because my parents were with me, but also because we got to ride on camels for over an hour. We saw all of the three pyramids, (King Cheops, Khafra, and Menankaure) and take as long as we liked.

Overall, I had a wonderful time with my parents and recommend everyone to try to make it to Egypt and experience the wonder for him or herself.


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  1. Lina De Jesús Says:

    Hey Carla,

    I’ve just been accepted to the Ain Shams program for next semester. It would be great if you could contact me.

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