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Loch Lomond

“O ye’ll tak’ the high road, and Ah’ll tak’ the low / And Ah’ll be in Scotlan’ afore ye / Fir me an’ my true love will ne-er meet again / On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon’.”

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to visit Loch Lomond, a beautiful lake just a twenty-minute drive north of Glasgow.  The Kenyon College Kokosingers, an all-male a cappella group, has a gorgeous arrangement of the Scottish folk song “Loch Lomond,” so it was an odd collision of worlds in that way.  The lyrics to the chorus are quoted above.  I was able to get some pretty good pictures, particularly from the cruise on the loch.  Though we were unable to enter Balloch Castle, we were able to enjoy the view from its hilltop.  I wonder what it would be like to look out the window and see this every day:

Right beside the castle were some strange trees.  Post-trip research tells me that these are called “monkey puzzle trees.”

Here are some images of Balloch Castle itself:

And the rest are from the loch cruise.  Enjoy!


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