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Eyewitness to History

Class just started this week for the majority of the student population of Alexandria University. Last month, the professors were given a salary raise to what has been termed “a decent wage” by some of our teachers. The non-professorial staff, however, has not seen a similar salary increase, though their current wages leave much to be desired. As such, they are miffed, for a polite word, and acting upon that sense of miffed-ness. According to one prof, since the Revolution anytime anyone sees their rights infringed, protests erupt. Yes, there are protests in Alexandria. No, the intention behind the demonstrations has nothing to do with that horrid YouTube trailer – the university’s employees want a fair wage, and they’re willing to go on strike. Loudly. Emphatically. During class. Here’s one taste – the largest procession of demonstrators during one of IFSA’s classes’ breaks on Monday – perhaps 10:00 am or so.

Nurses Join the Protest Nurses (presumably from the nearby medical campus) joined the demonstration as well.

Demonstrators Move On Demonstrators, having built their crowd, walk around the corner of one building and on their way to the headquarters.

The demonstrators walk through campus, to the Corniche, and work their way to the headquarters of the university administration, shout there for a bit, then make the rounds again. I’d say they’re getting attention. Whether the administration will do something, like bend to the people’s will, remains to be seen.


Medical update: Thursday afternoon I went to another doctor to see if I could get my itchy/swelling leg problem figured out. I spent LE 72 to tell this guy that I’ve been in Egypt for 3 weeks and to get a prescription of 4 meds (my total bill thus becoming nearly LE 200!), all of which turned out to be your average OTC anti-histimines. Really?! I could’ve walked into a pharmacy and bought anti-histimines on my own, saving me the trouble of A) finding the doctor’s office, B) wasting the LE 72, and C) wasting Moutaz’s time! So, upshot is that, once again, I’m frustrated with my environment’s medical system. My friends know that fall semesters are not my favorite…last year’s fall I sprained four fingers and my childhood home burned down, plus I got the flu twice. I wasn’t a super sickly child…so why am I sick now?


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