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Moving Across the Pond

I’ve now been in Cardiff for a little over a week (although I’ve been in the UK for a few days longer) and I figured it was time to tell everyone what I’ve been up to.

After hauling my 80ish lbs of luggage through Heathrow and then on the Tube into Central London we had a few days in London for IFSA Orientation.  I loved London, I wish we could have had more time there but I’m sure I’ll be going back soon enough, I still have a huge list of things I want to see there.  It’s such a meandering city, as someone who spends enough time in New York City, I’m used to grid like cities but London isn’t like that at all, roads twist and turn with no apparent pattern while parks and clusters of trees seem to pop up randomly.  We spent a lot of time learning about what exactly we were getting into, about the differences in the school systems and culture but we did get to go on a walking tour ending in Picadilly Circus where we saw The 39 Steps, which was enjoyable despite only having seen 1 Hitchcock film.  

Andrew took us all out to Cardiff on the train on Wednesday (we rode first class, probably the only time I will ever ride first class on a train) and we all headed off to our respective dorms.  The other 5 people here are all living in the same building but I’m in Aberdare Hall, an all girls building which is much closer to campus and the city centre.  It’s also just around the corner from the School of History, Archaeology, and Religion, which is where my classes will be.  And I live on the ground floor, so I didn’t have to carry all my stuff up any stairs.  It’s also a really pretty building, it was built in 1893, is all brick and has it’s own garden and music library.

The first few days there wasn’t much going on in terms of orientation so I spent that time buying the essentials that I hadn’t brought with me, an outlet adaptor, pillow, phone, food, etc. in the city centre, which is a shopping centre about a ten minute walk from where I’m living.  It has one of the most confusing layouts of anywhere I’ve ever been.  There are all sorts of passes through buildings and turns everywhere.  I like it though, it’s got a ton of stores.

I’ve picked out all my classes, I’m just awaiting approval from the school to get everything finalised.  I’ve also unpacked (even if it did take me a few days) and put up posters so I feel actually settled here.  I’m ready for classes to start, but I am hoping I don’t have any really early ones.    Tomorrow is the Societies Fayre, so I’ll be going to that and hopefully joining a few clubs (Tea Appreciations Society perhaps?) and that’s one of the last orientation events.

So, that’s been my week, next post will hopefully be about Cardiff the city, assuming there’s some nice weather sometime in the next few days and I can take some pictures.


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