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A poem I wrote


Cannon fire

I bolt

Wind rushing by me

My feet pounding in the sand

Tiny, cold grains of sand

Irritate my feet

The sand flies by me

A spectral trail

Suspended in time

For a second

Falling around my footprints

Sand-layered cities of speckled blocks

My shirt rippling against the wind

My lungs, pumping like billows

This beach is mine

So I run

Until my breath is thick and warm

And my heart knocks furiously in my chest

The roots of my hair are damp, sweaty

My fingers get caught in my curls

Thick and dark: My mother’s gift

I continue running

Eruptions of energy

Fuel my piston legs

Hopping up onto moss blanket boulders

I bound from rock to rock

A teeter dance

A full laugh

I almost step on a sea lion

It barks

I bark back

But it comes out hoarse

Because my lungs are still billows

So I slowly

Slowly walk back

Revisiting the points of impact

Of my feet in the sand

That will soon be washed over

And washed away

As though

I was never there


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