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Surfer’s, Soccer, and School

The last two weeks:

Surfer’s Paradise has made for a couple of great day trips! Its very cheap to get there and back, and the beaches and waves are well worth it. One night in Surfer’s was spent in a hostel, my first; It was very convenient, and they took us too a local club for a free drink. The hostile was in easy walking distance to the beach too, so we could come and go, and shop in the town whenever we liked. However, it felt a little strange walking around with a group of a dozen Americans from study abroad Australia programs (not recommended), as we clearly did not fit in quite yet (see picture: “Seppos stuck on median”).

Recently I joined our college’s soccer team, and have had a lot of fun with that so far. Its been a great way for me to get to know some Aussies and to earn a little respect at my dorm college. Our dorms are called colleges if anyone is confused; I live at King’s College, one of the three all male residences, and study at University of Queensland. Speaking of – life is pretty good here! I have made friends with my Australian suitemate, David, and some of the faculty also; they have been very helpful. David gave me a job lead, and the cleaning ladies will gladly get me anything I need. It is also a very active dorm, and its easy to find others that have similar interests, especially since they’re all guys. Getting to know the people around me has really helped me out and taken a lot of weight off my back.

As far as school goes, classes have either been very easy, or very difficult. Because of the teaching styles and curriculum for each class, it is difficult to find classes that fit my level. It has also been a bit confusing recently as classes are still being rearranged or relocated on short notice. However, the more difficult of my four classes both require a tutorial, which is basically an organized small group of classmates for the purpose of homework help and tutoring. These have been very useful, and are also a great way to make friends.

It has been slow few weeks, trudging through the logistics of living and studying. If it weren’t for the warm sunny days, I might be a little stressed out by now. Many people I know, including me, have gotten sick recently, which is never fun. However, It really helps you to realize what you have placed your trust and joy in, when your feeling weak and worthless. I would have to say that I miss home a little. Frequent email is just not going to cut it after a while.

some advice:

Organization has always been a struggle for me. However, I am learning that it is an essential when it comes traveling and studying in a foreign place. It is always important to have both cash and credit with you at all times, and you can save heaps of money by purchasing things like 10 trip bus tickets and sports passes. Ideally you could spend around seven hundred dollars your first week abroad, and then live off your small investments for a while.

I will sign out with the feelings of:

struggle – being responsible and making every hour of the day count.

peace – things happen, just gotta keep a good perspective and free yourself of the negative!


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