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October 6th, 2012

For anyone paying attention to the international news around early October, 1973, probably something came across their radar screens concerning a military move on Egypt’s part to win back the Sinai Peninsula from Israel. October 6th is a revered day; there is a road and bridge in Cairo named literally after the day (in the official Gregorian calendar). President Morsi, to recognize the day’s significance, visited the peninsula and spoke, as per official decorum. I could have gone to the Corniche to see the naval fleet that is housed in Alexandria on display, according to Moutaz. Many news sites posted op-eds about the significance of October 6th, 1973, and its relevance today.

Instead of going out and seeing Egypt’s military celebration, I stayed inside my apartment nearly the entire day; the exception was going to the balcony to witness the rain, as I’m sure you all have read. I feel the necessity to explain my choice – enter this post.

I stayed in because of the following reasons, posted in order of actual importance (ideally I would’ve put the second first…):

1. I had a lot of stimulating homework to do (and still have, actually), mostly for PSM and ICH. My work ethic requires me to get that finished before allowing myself to go out and about, but I did give myself a yoga break and a couple food breaks. :) I also had been out with Ben for a couple hours the previous day – before homework was done! – and the ensuing realization of how bad an idea that was in the face of our upcoming excursion to Ayna Soghna this weekend made me pause before going out again.

2. October 6th is a day to recognize military achievements, and I’m realizing more and more how dedicated a pacifist I am. I draw the line for acceptable violence at fantasy books, noodle wars (or such silliness), cardboard-weapon Medieval fights, and skilled wrestling. And, because the world revolves around economic factors, I chose to spend no money in an effort to vote no to power based on the military. Was my day-long boycott recognized? Heck no. But I felt good about it…and I had no need of things outside my apartment.


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