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“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

First off, apologies: The internet situation here is not ideal so all of my videos have been piling up with nowhere to go but a file on my laptop. I’m trying to upload them on any platform but I’m not sure when that will actually happen.

Now on to the good stuff! This past Sunday I got back from Butler’s Killary Adventure Weekend. What can I say about this trip besides it was an amazing weekend? I ran through bogs and coated myself with mud, climbed a rock wall, jumped on a zip line, swam in Ireland’s only fjord, and the weather was beautiful with a rainbow as a constant presence over the fjord the entire weekend. I might add that I am terrified of heights so my main goal in life is always to do as many things that make me face that fear as possible and this weekend was no exception. I could have gone tubing, kayaking, gorge walking, played laser tag, or done archery and clay pigeon shooting, but I wanted to challenge myself.

On top of all the great craic we had doing our adventures, I met so many people from the other Irish programs, and bonded with everyone in my group and the IFSA Butler staff. It was a crazy weekend that was definitely filled with adventure and much more and made me so happy that I chose to study with Butler instead of any other program. The staff here is so much fun and they do their best to make sure we are always having the most fun we can possibly have.

I’m bruised, beat up, exhausted and sore from the weekend but I loved every second of it and am so excited for the Belfast trip in November!

There were so many great photo ops but unfortunately I hardly ever brought my camera with me on our excursions, and when I did I was having too much fun to remember to stop and take pictures! Luckily others weren’t as short sighted as I was so all of the photos below are NOT MINE but are either from Butler or other students that I downloaded. I can’t take any credit for any of them!

Zip-lining through the air on a Sunday afternoon in Ireland, no big deal.

Climbed up a pole during the high ropes course, I’m waiting for my partner to climb up so we can jump off and catch the trapeze together.

Rainbows, mud, and great craic. Life is grand in Ireland :)

At the end of the turf challenge (aka mud and bog run), just hanging out with my room mate!


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