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Fort Qaitbay and Western Alexandria

It has been a few weeks since I went to Fort Qaitbay and then explored western Alexandria with Ben. The day began with a
taxi ride to the eastern harbor where we looked around for a while and checked out the small garden that is right across from our university. We met some young Egyptians who were eager to take pictures with us. :)

Another short taxi ride got us to the Fort.  Fort Qaitbay is a 15th century fortitude that was built on top of the city’s old
light house. There are three levels to the fort, and on one of the levels (I’m pretty sure the first if I remember right)
has a mosque.

cimg0123 cimg0148

After visiting the fort we decided to continue walking west and sea the other side of Alexandria. The west side has it’s own unique atmosphere because the western harbor is the commercial harbor of the city. Close to the sea, the smell of fish fills the air and fish lines the streets for sale.

 Most of the businesses in this area (close to the sea) sells maritime products.  We walked for a while until we found a beach to swim at… Anfushy Bay.  It’s a public beach which can be crowded and has more potential to host foul play, but there were only a few people there and we enjoyed a good hour or more of swimming and frisbee.

After drying off, we continued to walk west quite a long way.  We saw a new side to the city that we hadn’t

cimg0181 cimg0183 cimg0186

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