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Ain Soukhna

We just recently returned from Ain Soukhna, a resort at the Red Sea, the first IFSA-Butler excursion. The next one is in a few weeks (Luxor and Aswan :) ). The Ain Soukhna trip was a short but very eventful one. From the time that we arrived from the time we departed was only about 24 hours, but not a lot of sleep and most waking hours at the beach made it seem longer. The Red Sea is beautiful and much bigger than I imagined it to be. The first day we arrived we went to the beach soon after having lunch. We swam, played frisbee, and slacklined between the columns of a bridge.

cimg0221 cimg0222

cimg0223 cimg0238

cimg0252 cimg0242

cimg0251 run

The second day was also eventful. The day began with a continental breakfast. Pancakes, fruit, and shay with a little milk
hit the spot. Once I made it to the beach the first thing I wanted to do was kayak. Well… I kind of kayaked. It looked
more like a toy but it got me around the Red Sea.

cimg0257 kayak


Regardless of how toy-like it was, it made me mobile. I rented a single kayak for an hour (50 pounds).
Jessa and Ben also kayaked, but they had to get a double because I took the only single… muhahaha. They only kayaked for 30 minutes because Jessa still needed to check out of her hotel room before noon. We took off. About 15 minutes into it, Jessa and Ben turned around to head back to the shore. I kept paddling. I moved farther and farther away from the beach for about another 45 minutes. The farther I got out into the vast expanse of the sea, the more excited I got and the more a slight feeling of trepidation would arise. It was an amazing experience. When I finally decided I should turn around, I stopped and relaxed for a few minutes, enjoying the smooth rippling of the sea’s gentle waves.



The beach in the distance is where I started: cimg0270

Once I arrived back to shore, I had been gone for a little over 1 1/2 hours.  I had to dish out a little more cash but it was worth it.

The experience created a new desire in me. I want to kayak or canoe across a vast body of water (but not in a toy).  A good kayak or canoe, a compass, a covering for the sun, a tent, sleeping gear, water, food, cooking utensils, and my best friend would provide an awesome venture.  I hope that I can do it one day.


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