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Passing the one month mark

I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since I’ve been here.  I’m only just getting around to getting stuff I’ve been needing.  Obviously there were some necessities I bought within the first week like a pillow and food.  This week I finally bought hangers after searching for some decently priced ones so my drawers are less crammed with bulky sweatshirts.  I had an extra long cold for the first few weeks I was here but I think I’m finally over that (and hopefully I don’t jinx it and get another one).

Because of professors being away of sick I don’t think I’ve had a typical week of class yet and the semester is almost halfway over already, but I am enjoying my classes.  One of them, Technology and Materials has been using pottery examples from Egypt and that class always makes me miss being there.  I’m so excited for my Egyptology class next semester.

I’m glad I decided to be abroad for a year instead of just a semester (even though it means going 9 months without decent peanut butter).  If I was leaving in December I feel like I wouldn’t be able to really experience it here, it’s just not long enough.  I feel like I’m only just getting into the swing of things and I wouldn’t want to leave just yet.  On the downside, we have fire drills every 6 months so I’ll be here for another one.  We had one at 9am this Monday in the rain, it was not enjoyable.


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