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Flat 2

After two days we said our goodbyes to the IFSA Butler staff as they dropped us off group by group at our accommodations. Two of my roommates were already here and then the other two showed up during the next couple of days. I’m in the Parnell Student Village accommodation run by the university. It is right behind the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Domain. The Domain is basically a park. There are soccer goals and flower gardens that you can walk through to get to the Uni campus. There are five people to each flat, each with their own bedroom. There is also a communal kitchen and a living room/dining room. The best feature by far has to be the patios that are joined to each room. The two rooms on the top floor and the one on the main level have wooden decks and the two rooms in the basement where I am have a concrete porch that is shared but considerably bigger than the wooden decks. Having the ability to sit outside on nice days in a Big city is something that Uni students in the city have told me repeatedly they envy. When your stuck in a concrete jungle 24/7 surrounded by people its nice to be able to get some peace to commune with nature quite right outside your door. Other than that the accommodations are pretty basic. The rooms come with a standard desk, dresser and bed combination. Overall the accommodations aren’t great but they give you all the essentials and having your own room is nice especially if you’re used to sharing an American dorm room.


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