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The Tower in the Sky

The Sky Tower has the claim to fame for being the tallest free standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere and if you are in Auckland city you cant help but notice. Before arriving in the city I heard from Kiwi’s that the quickest way to navigate the city is to always look for the sky tower no matter where you are. That might be the single most useful piece of advice I was given by anyone in my study abroad travels.

The Sky Tower is more than just a navigation tool however, it is also a standing testament to NZ engineering and patriotism  Standing at   328 Meters tall (1,076 feet). Its unique shape also makes it stand out against the skyline and the rest of the buildings around it. Even in the dead of night you can spot this marvel as the entire body and needle of the structure are illuminated in a range of marvelous hues Ranging from red, blue, pink, orange, green, and gold depending on the occasion. For example during the Chinese New Year it is red and gold and when the America’s Cup sailing event takes place in the Harbor below the tower stands a solid bright red. The lights only shut off once a year during earth hour as a show of commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. It truly is a gorgeous marvel to behold. Luckily for me after traveling half way around the globe its right outside my window.


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