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Pie in the Sky

I just wrote about the Sky Tower and then I went to visit the Sky Tower! It’s about 30 minuets walk from my flat and just a little ways past queens street down town. The price for a ticket is $28 for a student so not too bad for an afternoon activity in the pricy city that is Auckland. You take a huge elevator up to the first level where the ring is around the outside of the tower. Then you get off and board a much smaller elevator that takes you all the way into the top of the tower where you can look out over the city from a stellar birds eye perspective You can easily spot Uni and the Museum that is Right in front of Parnell. Not only that but as the photos of the outside indicate the whole observatory is circular giving you a 360 degrees view of the surrounding landscape. Its definitely a must see for anyone visiting Auckland and if your studying abroad it’s a great afternoon filler, or if you want to hit one of the pubs during dinner in the surrounding streets you can make it a fairly cheap night out as they usually have specials down town in the evenings. $15-20 Plates and $5 glasses of beer frequent the signs on the sidewalk making it a nice place to eat if you want to do something different. Afterwards you can go down to Queens street and continue the party, get some dessert around the corner, or just walk down to the Harbor and listen to the water. If you’re on a budget as I certainly am, and most study abroad students are its as good as it gets.

P.S. My camera died while I was there but luckily I was able to snap one photo of the Museum just to give you guys a view of something.


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