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Everyone thinks I’m Egyptian

Hi again,

Yesterday Dr. Mohamed (the Resident Director) reminded me how much people mistake me for an Egyptian. This works wonders because I blend in, but when people ask for directions it does get a little tricky. I say to myself after I have finished trying giving directions, that probably the person who asked must be thinking that I never studied grammar in school. Anyways, as I told you all last time I have been very busy with classes and running errands. It seems as if I am working against the tide or something; nevertheless, everything I need to do gets done in time.

I noticed something the other day, actually about a week ago, on how being in a country you do not quite understand what everyone is saying around you and when English television is scarce you read more… I have never enjoyed pleasure reading quite as much as I do now. I mean after I get done with studying, reviewing, chores, etc. I pick up my book that I fully understand and jump into my novel world. It has been four months now that I have been in Egypt and I guess I am feeling like I needed a break for a little to fully understand what was going on around me, even if it is in the novel world.

Of course I still have had fun, while being here, there is always time for fun.  I have gone to the movies (again) saw the “Date Night” with Steve Carell and Tina Fay and it was really funny. I caved from having been eating all Egyptian food and bought myself “honey nut cheerios” and have been enjoying every bit of them. Went shopping and got myself new shoes; a funny thing happened when I was at the store. I managed to tell the man my size. He handed me the right sandal I tried it on and it fit so I decided to get them. (I really did need them). But since I didn’t know how to say, “where is the other one” I said “where is the shoes sister” everyone laughed and they knew I was from somewhere not from Egypt. Comic relief is always healthy.

Anyways that is what has been going on. I have to go start my Arabic homework.



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