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One of the best Zoos in the World!

Being from Memphis TN I have a special attachment to the Zoo. Its right across from my school for one so on stormy days you can hear the monkeys howling from my dorm room. The Zoo is also one of the best attractions Memphis has to off. It shares that pride with the Auckland Zoo. The Zoo is inexpensive for students (about 20 dollars) and it has a wide selection of animals and other attractions that will keep you occupied for hours. From red pandas to crocs and flamingos they have it all. In addition they also have some animals that you would be hard pressed to see outside of the southern hemisphere like Kangaroos and Wallabes. They also have an excellent selection of birds to spot and the exhibits that they have created for them are perfect. They are virtually large netted sanctuaries that you walk inside. This creates an experience like no other where there are zero degrees of separation between you and the more tame animals like the ostrich and tui birds. To get to the Zoo you have to pay about three bucks for a bus ride that lasts about 45 mins and then get off at a local park for a 10 min walk. All in all its easy and accessible. A great day trip for any Kiwi or visitor living in or around the city. Dont forget to check out the pictures!


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