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Aswan to Luxor II

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So, hopefully the video I made of the cruise will be attached to this post, and I have, unfortunately, medical updates to share. The last couple days I’ve suffered a flare up of that polyarthritis that crippled me the first month I was here, centered solely in my right knee. The last few days that knee has been seriously twice the size of my left knee, full of inflammation that kept me hobbling. Ugh – I thought I was done with that. Nonetheless, with RICE treatment and a healthy (or not so much) dose of ibuprofen in my system, I went and got groceries with Ben, found dark chocolate from Germany (hypermarkets suffer from importing foods as much as US supermarkets!), and generally had a good day (two days ago). Since Sunday, I’ve been able to walk better…but I’m still without similarly sized knees.

Oh, also, last Thursday Ben, Brannon, and I went swimming again at Stanley Bridge (because renting a jet ski near Fort Qaitbey cost 500 LE per hour!), and Friday night Ben, Jeanette, and I went to the Prague Chamber Orchestra’s performance at the Alexandria Opera House. You can guarantee a post about the Opera House later, as I’m so totally going to the performance of Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” (recognize that, Luther juniors?!)!!! Anyway, I’m glad I got out this past weekend, even though wearing heels and getting semi-lost en route to the Opera House resulted in blisters.

Sunday the Coptic Church in Egypt chose its new top official, Baba Tawadros II. I have a feeling the church as a whole have big hopes for this man, as he is filling the large shoes of Baba Shenouda. Today, Tuesday, I not only register for classes in the spring semester but America votes. So, go vote!

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Julie Frank Says:

    Great pics and blog !

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