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NSW Domain and Botanical Garderns

Cities love their parks. NY has central park, Memphis has Overton Park and as I have already told you guys Auckland has the Domain. As it would happen Sydney also calls their park in the city the Domain. In addition to the Domain they also have the Royal Botanical Gardens which is right next to the Art gallery so I decided to take a walk through there and see the best foliage that Sydney has to offer. The Domain and the Botanical Gardens used to be connected, but when the main highway through the city was built they were separated and the highway was constructed right between them, but a bridge was built above the road to ensure that the two remained as connected as possible.

If I had to compare the two I would say that the Domain in Auckland is worlds above the quality its Australian counterpart. But, the Royal Botanical Gardens makes this Sydney park worth a visit. Be warned, it does close at night which not only disables your ability to see the flowers, but it also considerably increases the time that it takes to get through the city on foot. As for the flowers, they were beautiful. I went right at the beginning of the spring season so most of the flowers were in bloom, as it’s a little hotter year round in Sydney than Auckland, but if you could wait till the end of spring or even summer it would be ideal. Even so the plume of colors that covers the ground of the Botanical Gardens is amazing during any season. The range of species that call this place home would make any botanist blush, but the selection of flowers is rare enough that it is exciting for any passer by. I could tell you how beautiful this place is all day, but I think Ill let my pictures speak for me.


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